Low Power Smart Bluetooth Beacons Are Better Than Display Advertising

Consume or to be consumed; same is the reality of being an impressionable human being living in a digital age. Such is the power of social, digital and mobile promotions, where we often reject some brands’ promotional initiatives and we often promote others. Even if advertisers say we are vulnerable to certain offers, acquainted manufacturers and celebrity-endorsed offers within the advertising campaign. These days more and more of us are rejecting market advertising – But as we slide further into our lives we are much addicted to GIFs, Instagram and Snap-Chat Experiences.

Customers are becoming fed up with being evaluated by market and research, and that’s the reason behind the decline in banner ads. So how can manufacturers successfully reach their marketing and advertising goals when there is extreme dislike for conventional marketing or display advertising. Manufacturers and top brands these days speculate over the advertising and promotional campaigns. Banner advertisers can argue by analyzing their local demographic data, you can somehow pursue your marketing campaign to suit the local advertisers.

Millennial is like an online marketers dream because they are critical and it means manufacturers have to work more in order to make sure that their ads are classified and focused to the right individual. Banner marketing has become anxiety clothed up as technology with the idea that actual quantity will make up for a lack of importance and perspective. It’s the concept of ‘throw enough colour at the wall and see what sticks’.

These days banner advertising to viewers has become estimation which is amplified by latest numbers displaying that time. Many marketers and promoters don’t look up for the lack of irrelevance and actual context. Most of the promoters are following the basic principle to throw paint at wall and see how much sticks. There are huge mobile network operators which are offering irrelevant and excessive mobile ads that irritate customers.

Low Energy Smart Bluetooth Beacons:

Relevancy does really play an important role in any customer’s conversion rates. Most likely we have seen that many advertisers don’t pay attention at what place they are really promoting their stuff.
Assume that a sanitary products selling company ad is displayed right outside KFC which have a promotion on their washroom tubs.

Marketing consultants will definitely argue with the above scenario that promoting your brand at right placed does really play an important role. But these days a modern consumer is too busy to afford alternatives and will likely pay no attention to that advertisement.

Imagine if someone receives a notification of promotions at their smart phone when they enter into the KFC restaurant premises. The chances of that consumer becoming a KFC customer increases progressively.   

Low energy smart Bluetooth beacons are specifically designed in such a way that they can be programmed easily. Not only this technology does support customer confidence in products and services it also struggle with the conflict against spam and unwanted messages.

Beacons Function & Notification Boundary:

Places enabled with beacons technology allow marketers and promoters not to only send messages on their targeted audience at a particular level but also at some stage in the period of high dwell, when they are more likely to adhere at advertisements. 

This means that marketers and promoters can target their high value customers who know they are really going to follow from beginning to end the desired marketing click to action. (CTA)

As more and more irrelevant ads & messages heads into a customer’s cell phone, He/she will no longer pay attention which makes the main difference between conversion and complaint.

With low energy smart Bluetooth beacons these chances are very much less and customers will only receive information or promotion about that particular product at which customers are actually paying attention to.

This is the technology which will help marketers, promoters and will definitely cause an impact at your business. Beacons are not just about sending location coordinates but about self identifying. It’s up to you what your app does once it gets near to a specific beacon. You decide the context what you assign to that programmable beacon. Beacons technology has been used by marketers for years, but Eddy-Stone beacons technology has introduced some really important improvement. Eddy stone is an open source beacon technology which can be programmed by any developer with specs and tools available at developers site.

Most importantly Eddy stone and Google beacons are extensible. Which means they will continue to improve and will add more capabilities using the same physical structure. We are excited to see how other brands and retailers use this technology to improve their customer’s experience.

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