What Are Facebook Bluetooth Beacons And How Do We Use It For Local Businesses

Entrepreneurs and businessmen’s don’t forget to take a note because Face book is adding a new feature for businesses which will be more widely available in the upcoming months.

Now interested entrepreneurs and businessmen’s can request for a free Face-book beacon from the company, as Face-book plans to start creating Beacons  which will be available to hundreds and thousands of small – medium sized businesses.

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1- Better outcome from a reliable signal:

The most cost effective and affordable way for businesses to show tips is with Face-book beacons technology. Same like any ordinary Bluetooth beacon, Face-book beacons send signals to the FB application installed in your smart phone in order to help and show the right tips at the right place.

If you are really interested in setting up place tips for your shop or business then you can definitely request a beacon for your business from Face-book. So start updating your company page with uploading more and more pictures, check ins and status updates from ordering for a beacon from Face-Book.

2- How to setup face book Bluetooth beacons

After ordering when you receive your beacon, first thing is to setup your face book beacon into your business place.

Keep these three things in your consideration:

– Remove the beacon from its packing

– Remove sticker from its back

– And place it onto any clear wall or surface inside your shop / business place.

Please make sure that your device is properly placed at only one business place / shop. If you placed your beacon somewhere else e.g any other place which is not linked with your face book page and face book detects that it’s at the wrong address, the will immediately turn off place tips for your face book page.

3- How does it work?

Whenever new customers or clients enters into your business / store premises and opens up their face book application in their smart phones. They will see place tips and information about your business such as

– A greetings message or an Image from your FB page

– Recent Posts From Your Face-book Page

– Suggestions and prompts to like your Face-book page & check ins

– Friends recommendations about your place / business

*(Note)* FB Beacons can only be used by people who have:

– An i-phone 4S Or Latest with Bluetooth turned on in your place

– Latest version of FB app installed in your smart phone or tablet

– Location Services Turned On At Their Devices

– Place Tips Turned On At Their Facebook for IOS App

4- How To Add Or Edit Welcome Note From Your Business In Place Tips?

Welcomes note what is it actually? A welcome note is a short message to people who enters or visit your business that appear in the place tips.

In order to edit your FB page welcome note

– Click settings

– Click Place Tips

– Under Add a welcome note you can choose whether to use your page short description, Write a custom message or you can show the category of your page

– Beneath add a photo, you can choose whether to use your page cover photo or add your custom photo

– Save settings

5- What can you do to help your business to show as nearby place

Only those places which have a category listed can only be appear as near locations. So make sure that you’ve included all of your primary page information, such as the name, category, address, phone number, business hours, user name and short description about your business.

The durability and strength of your page relationships matter as well. Outcomes / results are personalized and different for everyone. If someone wants to find dining places in a particular town, locations that their FB friends have suggested or checked into will be displayed higher. In addition, results that are similar to people, locations and things that a person is already linked with may be rated better.

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