Why Businesses Should Adopt Beacons Technology

Before We May Proceed Lets Have A Look What Exactly Is A Beacon

Actually a beacon is a small Bluetooth transmitter, it’s a kind of small light house which transmits signals to other devices can see. Instead of emitting noticeable / visible light, though, it broadcasts an indication that is made up of a combination of characters and numbers transmitted on a regular interval of roughly 1/10th of a second. A Bluetooth-equipped system like a smart phone can “sense” a Bluetooth once it’s in range, much like marines looking for the light house to know where they are.

What Is A Beacon Actually Transmitting

It’s not just about tossing up any old marketing message into the air. It’s transferring an exclusive “unique ID number” that informs a receiving device which beacon it’s next to.

Really, it’s just software code name.

How Can I Communicate With Beacons?

For example, when a shopping center sets up beacons in their store, all of the beacons will have certain IDs, authorized in their devoted app. This indicates a smart phone app can instantly identify that the inbound ID is essential and that it’s from that particular shopping center. The ID, however, has little significance on its own; it’s entirely up to an app or other system to identify what it indicates.

What Happens Next?

That simply depends on what the owner has designed it to do. One system code might induce the app to deliver a discount voucher. Another could provide routing solutions. The choices are nearly limitless. All the beacons have to do is link your actual location to the app, and the remaining is up to the system.

Why Business Should Adopt This Technology When There Are Other Means Of Marketing Available

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1 – Small Investment

Any new technological innovation needs a big financial investment if you are willing to look at it for your business. Luckily regarding using beacons technology, you don’t have to invest in millions. Beacons are low powered and low cost hardware devices which contains wireless Bluetooth chips that can act both as a transmitter and a recipient. There are many businesses and companies that provide a pack of three beacons for less than 100 USD.

2 – Fast Punch Start

Placing beacons to work only takes days rather than weeks. Though based on your app or requirement to handle those beacons can take significant period of time. But once its ready, there will be no waiting then.

3 – It’s Automation Is Incredible

It entails only one time installation and that’s it. There are various factors to push information through beacons, which are as following:-

1- When customer comes into range

2- Within particular time interval

3- Based on after any particular event

4 – Low Servicing Cost

As compared with beacons technology other technological innovations needs frequent servicing. Once beacon app is developed, there will be no further servicing or maintenance needed. Everything can be handled through one concerning personal. Price in comparison to other enterprise applications such as ERP, CRM, SMS Marketing Application, or hardware servicing is nothing in case of Beacons.

5 – Beacons Are Best for Perspective Delicate campaigns

Context based and perspective advertisement is the key to success for marketing outside the industry, and Beacons are best for it. You can set up individual beacons to display targeted message depending on a defined criteria i.e. mobile phone used, location of mobile devices etc. Not just one message but a single beacon can show multiple messages depending on the context of the receiver.

6 – Beacons Are The Future Marketing

The usage of mobile devices and services is rapidly increases and use of cellular phones increased by 46% as compared with last year. Beacon app is all about utilizing BLE technology with your smart phone. With beacons technology you can please your customers, or make your clients astounded by perspective delicate involvement, real time navigation, Option to post reviews or survey, integrated with your mobile wallet payment system. Satisfied clients will always bring you more business through this technology 🙂

Beacons technology, beacons and businesses, I beacons (IOS SDK Feature), business tehcnology, technology trends, business and technology, estemote beacons nimble messaging, I beacons in sms application

7 – Not Just Primary Statistics It Has Far Much More Potential

Those days are almost gone when you had to do all type of statistics in theory via writing down at paper or through some big software. Since beacons can also get details from customers (not without their permission), examining customer actions has become a lot easier. You can analyze customer actions and develop a database of user’s pattern. All these can act as important resource for business Intellect and data analytics to acquire highly effective ideas.

Following Are The Mistakes To Watch Out While Implementing Beacons

1 – Implementation Without Proper Planning And Testing

Whenever a any new technological innovation comes, makes lot of fascination and BLE technological innovation is no different. But before going directly away by applying beacons gadgets everywhere, is not a good utilization of beacons. Before configuring it, first know your needs and other uses of beacons, then strategize your execution so that you can use beacons in much more convenient way which to benefit your business.

2 – Not Properly Training Your Staff

Once a BLE beacon is installed, it’s ready to be used. But like any new technological innovation a little bit of coaching needed for your employees as well as your clients (depends on who is the user). So before launching it fully functional, you must invest 5-7 days in coaching based on the size of usability so that your staff or customers find it easy to use.

3 – Using beacons for personal uses and looking over other uses of the technology

As said in our first point, beacon is all about how you want to use BLE technological innovation. So when you want to apply Beacons for your company, spend some time on your needs, and try to get the most out of it.

What Kind Of Technology Nimble Messaging Application For Business Uses

4 – First Time Ever BLE Beacons Integrated Into Any SMS Marketing Bulk Application

What benefits you will get:

1 – Boosts the power of personalization

2 – Build dynamic landing pages from our nimble app page builder

3 – Build a dynamic landing page from our nimble app page builder

4 – More than 100+ widgets and option in page builder to create / stylize landing page for customers

5 – You can distribute mobile coupons with beacons.

6 – Coupon codes, special discounted offers can be sent in consumers’ smart phones.

7 – Create a specific url for customers to download can be received when someone bypassing the beacon at store, restaurant, work place, organization etc.

8 – Beacons are redirected automatically to the URL when the landing page in the consumer’s Smartphone connects to the beacon.

9 – When the consumer enters the shop in the range with the beacon, the mobile landing page will be displayed in web browser.

10 – Low cost advertising

11 – Huge return on small investment

12 – Increases App Engagement and Retention

13 – Provides Insightful Data

14 – 100% Return On Investment

15 – You can generate campaigns and forward messages to users

More Features Which Enhances Our Nimble Messaging Applications Credibility

1 – Custom page designing with page builder for BLE beacons

2 – Fully Responsive

3 – Fully Featured Page

4 – Widgets Option

5 – Just Drag And Drop

6 – Vast And Detailed Options

7 – Custom Styling (Background Option)

8 – Headline

9 – Tags

10 – Page Content

11 – Social Share

12 – Scratch N Share

13 – Map Get Directions

14 – Image / Video

15 – Redeem Button

16 – Scarcity Widget

17 – Simple and customized buttons option

18 – Call button

19 – Count Down Timer

20 – Add To Cart Option

21 – Loyalty Programs Insertion

22 – Facebook Comments

23 – Twitter live feed

24 – And Much More

Beacons technology, beacons and businesses, I beacons (IOS SDK Feature), business tehcnology, technology trends, business and technology, estemote beacons nimble messaging, I beacons in sms application

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