WordPress SMS Marketing Plugin Getting Upgraded As Part Of Version 7.1

The SMS Marketing plugin is going to look a little different this year. Yes, that’s right, the whole Ranksol SMS Marketing plugin is modified with a new look and new functions as version 7.1 is rolled out.

Launch time period is April 14-2018  and our team has been prepared for this for several months. The beta tester is over, all the bugs and issues which were causing trouble for existing and new customers have been set and now with new exclusive look and feel everything is rocking to roll.

SImply just look at it from a SMS Marketers point. The primary functionality and performance does not modify much. You still upload a new list, enter your message content, schedule a campaign and deliver. There is not a whole lot to it for text message marketing (maybe that is our sms marketing plugin is so popular).

But what will be new is how simple and easy the structure and layout is and how it will help everyone to use the system.

Mobile sms marketing is increasing day by day and having this highly effective / powerful tool side-by-side with so many other internet marketing tools, it is all you need to launch a complete / full fledged promotion strike from one single account. SMS Marketing will help you easily develop a great hype for a new affiliate marketing product, send  alerts or offers and develop a strong brand loyalty.

These days sending only e-mails or only faxes is not enough as more and more people shift 100% to their cellular devices (mobile phones). Everyone opens up a text message, while most e-mails just heaps up and never gets read.

Our sms plugin version 7.1 will make SMS marketing so easy and quick, you will be thinking of yourself why you didn’t started few weeks ago.

Below are some of the key features of Ranksols SMS Marketing Plugin.

1- Unlimited Number of Campaigns

2- WordPress multisite

3- Our plugin have very high end open rate

4- Advance Analytics System

5- SMS / MMS

6- Campaign System

7- Low Investment

8- Call Recording

9- Images / MMS Logs

10- Images To Campaign

11- Dual Message Support

12- Selective SMS Sending

13- Bulk SMS Sending

14- Fully Responsive

15- Access to Set Expiry Date

16- Schedule or Send Immediately

17- Review Bounced Messages

18- Review Errors

19- Easy-to-Use Creation Wizard

20- No Software to Download or Install – Just install and ready to use

21- Access to Manage Lists

22- Send Up to 1600 Characters in sms and mms

23- Advance widget integration

24- Widget Logs

25- Access to Group Campaigns

26- Competitively Priced

27- Capability to Schedule Campaigns and bulk messages

28- Customer Care is Available to Help

29- Calls subscription

30- Voice Speech Based IVR

31- SMS Subscriptions

32- Manuall / Subscribers Via List

33- Assign Messages to list or subscribers

34- Free updates and customers support even with basic package

35- SMS Autoresonder

36- Auto Responder Back Notification

37- Auto Responder Two Way Notification

38- Notification via email

39- Multiple Number Assignment

40- Multiple Campaign Management

41- Retrieves Your Existing Number For Twilio

42- Twilio, plivo and nexmo based

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Sign up for a free demo and see just how easy it is to install and use. More advance and exclusive changes are under development, soon more updates will be available in sms marketing plugin.