Email Marketing Application v1.1 User Guide by Ranksol

“Email Marketing Application v1.1”

Created: 13/02/2017
By: Ranksol

Thank you for purchasing my Application. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here. Thanks so much!

Table of Contents

  1. Database Creation
  2. Installation
  3. Application Login
  4. Application Dashboard
  5. Mailing Lists
  6. Web Forms
  7. Subscribers
  8. Import Export Subscribers
  9. Application Configuration

A) Database Creation - top

You need a database credentials before installing the application, so look first that how to create a database on your hosing srever. See instructions in below mentioned screen shots step by step.

B) Application Installation - top

Create a directory with your desired name and unzip purchased application folder in it, after unzip navigate to your created application directory.
You will have to provide an already created database information here and hit Check Connection button to ensure that the database credentials are valid, hit Save & Next button to proceed further.

B-1) Creating Admin Account

After connected to your database you have to add information for your application admin account.

B-2) Finalizing installation.

You have successfully configured the application, just click on mentioned login link to use application.

C) Application Login - top

After successful installation, you will be redirected to application login page, enter login email and the password which you have used to create admin account during installation.

D) Application Dashboard - top

After successful login, you will be redirected to application dashboard where you can see all kind of application stats.

E) Mailing Lists - top

You must create a mailing list before using application, so you will be able to get leads subscribed into mailing list via web forms.

You can view all lists and its stats by navigating to view list page.

F) Web Forms - top

After creating a mailing list, you are able to get leads via web forms, so now you should create a web form by selecting mailing list in which you want to add subscribers via this form. You have two options to create web forms, one is responsive and second fixed width. In second option you can customize web form as your desired, you can change field widh and height, color of field labels, web form width and background color etc.

Fixed width Web Form Settings.

You can view all web forms by navigating to view web form page.

To get embed code for webforms, click on the button mentioned in below screen shot.

G) Subscribers - top

Admin have an option to add subscriber manualy in desired mailing list.

You can view all application subscribers on view subscribers page.

H) Import Export Subscribers - top

Admin have an option to add subscriber in huge quantity by uploading csv file.
And also have an option export subscribers form desired list(s).
To view CSV file format, download sample CSV file from top right corner.

I) Application Configuration - top

In configuration page, you have to set alots things, i have mentioned below one by one.
Administrator Email: You will receive all kind of notificaitons on this email.
From Email: This email must be created on your server, all emails will send using this email as from email.
From Name: This name will show as from name in emails.
You will see four email carriers, must active your desired carrier, put credentials and save settings.
Email Per Interval: Enter number of email that you want to send on every fifteen minutes interval.
Time Zone: Must set your time zone before using application.
Cron URL: Must set cron url on your server before using application.