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Brand marks / logo symbols are logo’s whose design is based on just that, a symbol. These type of logos are based on an easily reproducible image. You want a common image that can be stylized into something more personal. For instance, if you see a picture of a bitten apple, everyone knows that’s a Mac. A fantastic example of pictorial logo branding at its finest.


Closely related to pictorial marks, these type of logos are also image based. However, they are usually as the name implies, abstract. They are also occasionally called brandmark logos as they are hoped to help emote the feeling of the brand when seen. When you see the Nike swoosh, do you think of how light on your feet you will feel in those shoes. Subliminally, you most likely do!


As the name implies, mascot logo’s are based on a brand mascot. Another relation of the pictorial mark, this type of logo has the additional benefit of character. The kool-aid man is a perfect example of this type of logo. Whether you love or hate the sugary drink, when you see him come through the wall, you know what he represents.


Combination marks combine the elements of a pictorial logo with typeface spelling out the brand name. These are great way to personalize a common image or to help reinforce a non traditional brand mascot. For example. Starbucks for a long time used a logo with their name around the perimeter. This has been so successful that at this point anytime you see a green and white mermaid, you too will begin to crave your daily coffee fix.


This logo is a wonderful way to stylize your brand name into something a little more than a standard wordmark. It contains a border of some sort confining the image and forming an emblem. Harley Davidson’s logo is often worn as a badge of pride, befitting a strong emblem.


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