17 Web design Trends of 2020

Web designing is a truly boundless field and has ended up extremely challenging nowadays. It is so since it needs a considerable measure of manifestations and diligent work while the rivalry in this field has developed to the apex.

Some of the trends that are used on websites of 2020 are detailed below.

Futuristic web Designs

The futuristic designs are outpacing by designers nowadays. I come across scrolling through the top web site designs daily and its great data-driven visualization and technology. From the last 2 years, data points have grown up to 2 times and making it hard to analyze so now, people have solutions for it.

small and Comfortable

Comfort: People feel comfortable with slow but detailed Animations. Focused, short, and bold content on their screens give comfort to the viewers. It makes your message very clear to the website visitor at first sight.

The first image in the user’s mind, your website should be good because as we all know “The first” impressions last longer than your second impression.

Minimalism: with many more blank spaces, this trend is being used in web designing. For multipurpose, clean, versatile web design especially white spaces are used.

Shadows to get Extra Depth

In the design community, the shadows effect is favorite because shadows create a depth illusion. A flat design can be changed into semi-flat with it.

Shadows create depth illusion; and get favorite in the design professionals and users or viewers. With it, you can switch your flat design into semi-flat.

Shadows and colors can be used in web designs with minor variations for the following:

*To establish a visual hierarchy between elements of a website.

*To make CTA’s ratio increment as they are ready to be clicked.

But be careful, there is also a caution that you should not use shadows excessively.

Customized Illustrations and Videos

Images improve understanding of the viewers as a picture explains thousands of words. Moreover, images save space and increase the user’s interest.

In a comparison of visuals with text, visuals are understood and processed 60,000x faster. In research, it was found that people remember 20% of what they read, 10% of what they hear and 80% of what they do and see.

On Instagram, engagement per follower is 58 times more than Facebook because of visuals.

Researches have shown that at least one video or image on any page increases the dwell time on that site 100 percent.

Another example is that as you all have seen that people are more likely to purchase a product after watching its demo. So shoppers purchase 85 percent of products after seeing the pictures.

Short Studio Shots

For drawing user’s attention on a specific item, Images with a plain background or negative spaces are used. This is the best way of giving focus on a particular deal.

The principle behind it is Multistability. It is a fact that you can see one thing at a time. In the e-commerce industry, this trick is heavily used. To increase CTA the web developers are using it nowadays.

  1. Web Responsiveness & Logos
    Google moves to the Mobile-first search because in 2019 mobile phone is taking lead on other devices. Google has made is comfortable now with Responsive Web Design for the Web developers. A big thanks to Google that you can also see this comfort in the logo designs also.

In 2019, to retain a presence in front of the targeted audience irrespective of their devices, brands must have responsive websites and logos.

  1. Webflow – Same Time Design and Development
    Gaining attention and popularity among designers is called Web flow and web flow have the ability to turn your imaginations into a product”
  2. Add Negative Spaces
    The empty spaces between or around any content are termed as Negative spaces. These spaces can be of any color. The key component of the artistic composition is the use of negative spaces.

For getting users’ attention to something that is unique, web site designers use negative spaces heavily. It is just for the sale of your product with an optimized CTA. To create Focal points, designers use them dramatically.

Focal Points: To capture and hold attention, the points of emphasis, interest, or difference are called focal points.

  1. Objectively Micro-interactions
    Micro-interactions are different from animations. It is very difficult to explain the difference between these two terms. And it is used by experts’ web developers.

“Revolving” It contained moments of items that revolved around a single use case are mentioned Micro-interactions. There only main purpose is revolving.

For making, highly dynamic UI and MI may get implementations. Because the visitor does not need to visit and scroll through pages.

  1. Add Gifs, Animations, and info-graphs
    Motion takes a user’s attention faster than any other thing can. People do not want to less read but they love to see stories. It is behind the success of Instagram.

We don’t see stationary elements in comparison with the elements that move in the same direction or move in the opposite direction.

So while designing a website we should use Gifs, cine graphs, and animations to make attracting, eye-catching banners, newsletters, landing pages and more. If you use social media, then you will be already familiar with these three terms. So, to guide your users through loading screens, navigation, etc. use Integrated Animations.

Typography creativity

Typography is turning into a tool that can create exciting innovative artworks by Web Designers. Only combinations of 5-6 typos are used because, in 2019, Web Designs don’t revolve around a few typos. Images are replacing the jumbo-sized characters. A big and bold typo into design trends will be brought in 2020.

Color Scheme Bright & Gradients

In 2020, gradients are back again after a long time on the web. The most famous of all is Gradients 2.0. They are becoming popular with distinguishable colors. And you can use these Gradients everywhere from Spotify to iPhone X.

More Space

Double in half-price: to group content into semantic areas, dividing a page into two parts can help a lot. For Example, separating images from text, etc. you can show more content on the same page without distributing UX in this way.

Lazy-load Backgrounds

40 percent of users leave the web site that does not load within two seconds. All the SEO blogs say this.

These delays can do a big lose. As each second delay can reduce sales by 7% and decrease customer satisfaction by 16%.

So, what is the relation of particle backgrounds with speed?

The answer is quite simple. Less distraction and eye-catching is due to the fast loading of particle background. The problems that come with video backgrounds can be overcome with it easily.

  1. apply Mono-color & Hybrid Icons
    Mono color icons are the small icons that can explain to you that thing. That’s why they easy to read. Without leaving any kind of white space, more than one color can be used for icons. Because these icons are not heavy. Examples of Mono icons is a Home icon, camera icon, torch, watch icons, etc.
  2. Content needs Print Ready
    The print is something that you cannot ignore anywhere, no matter how digital we go. Web designers also print content that seems useful to them.

For example, to show content, a reading mode in browsers use your print. It is better to add it to your usability tests list.

  1. Stories Telling
    To retain users and make a connection with them, telling stories is the best way. Many big brands use this technique. For your audience, you can use interfaces or illustrations to tell stories.

The selection of the medium is up to you. You can use any kind of medium for telling stories.

Our expert Designers have been serving in this field since web designing was uncommon so come, go along with us and be a part of our adoring family.

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