7 Simple Rules for Compiling SMS Marketing Sales

According to the latest data, each of us receives about 5-10 advertising SMS messages per day, and this is far from the limit. However, most of them are simply ignored. Every day the flow of information messages becomes more and more, which cannot be said about the time and desire of a person to respond to this message.

How can I improve the response to SMS texting quickly and efficiently?

We offer you 7 tested rules, with which you can come up with new effective advertising messages or supplement existing ones, and, moreover, increase the response rate from SMS-mailing to 80%!

SMS marketing – how and why?

The rule of the desired button

It is important to understand that the successful sale via SMS is the ability to identify and click on the desired “button”. Unfortunately, using the SMS-mailing it is impossible to identify the “button”, but, knowing the information, you can press on it.

For example, in winter, when the thermometer drops to -30 ° C, the “Heaters from 499 rubles!” Dispatch will be effective.

One message – one action

In one text, do not use 2 or more “buttons” at once. Trying to save, many companies try to “tell everything at once” – the effect of such a mailing will be much lower. So, you should not write “Bicycles from 799 rubles, strollers from 699 rubles!”, It would be much more effective in this case to break the message into 2 separate ones.


Do not use too many unnecessary words: the advertising SMS message should be short, concise. And the number of characters in SMS is limited, and the client does not have time to read long text. Moreover, it is recommended to use the “button” at the beginning of the message, but this is the recommendation since there is the following rule – targeting.

Proper Targeting

If your company leads a loyal customer base, you probably know the name of your customer. Psychologists have long known that the person’s favorite name is his own. Therefore, it is more likely that Peter Petrovich’s attention would be delayed on the message “Petr Petrovich, for you – ties for only 399 rubles!” Then simply “Ties for only 399 rubles!”.

Targeting, or target selection

If you want to increase profits, you need to know as much as possible about your client – not only your name, age, gender, but also data that corresponds to the nature of your activity.

So, the store of goods for the house would be superfluous to know which of the customers have a house outside the city, so that in the heat of the summer season part of the mailing “Garden hoses. Warranty 3 years “did not go to waste.


Successful will be the company, which in the first place – the client! And money – only later. Psychologically, the client will vote for us only when he receives from the business a little more than he expected to receive for the money spent.

The rule works – the more you give, the more you get. An example is a message “Today it is expected to rain, do not forget to take an umbrella and treat your shoes with a water repellent. Your store N “. Thus, in the memory of a person, your brand and the reputation of the company that cares for its customers are preserved.

Ability to opt-out of mailing

Leave the company contacts and information on how to unsubscribe from the newsletter. Subscribers daily receive a large amount of information via SMS, and often this causes a negative. Moreover, often companies that practice SMS sales do not indicate why a subscriber receives a message.

An example of a well-crafted SMS can be cited: “Good afternoon! You are registered on-site N, today we give you a 50% discount on everything! To unsubscribe from the mailing list, write to mail N “.

Instead of concluding

Do not forget that you are the same consumer. What mobile SMS Marketing message will interest you? What will make you respond, will be useful to you, and what do you delete without hesitation? Do not write something you would not like to see on your phone.

If you are interested in the number of callbacks, then this figure depends on the subject of your mailing. On average, the indicator will fluctuate from 1 to 8% of your volume of SMS messages sold.

Remember that from all the rules it’s important to use those that are suitable for your company because too long SMS messages can reach incorrectly when starting the mailing.

Happy Effective SMS-sending to you!

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