5 Keys To Mobile SMS Marketing

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5 Keys To Mobile SMS Marketing

Posted by Azhar Iqbal in Marketing And Advertising 10 Apr 2017

8.7 billion mobile devices connected around the world, 80% of the time spent on mobile phones, 150

mobile phone visits per day, 40% increase in mobile sales, etc. – if it was still necessary – for the

importance of mobile marketing. But if the need to develop a mobile marketing strategy is no longer to

prove, companies do not always know how to go about it. On the occasion of Marketing Day, Oracle

Marketing Cloud delivered the keys to a good mobile marketing approach, in 5 steps.

1- The right channel

If consumers spend most of their time on their smartphone, they use an average of 3 devices a day: the

phone, so, but also the laptop, the tablet, and so on. In addition, they have at least 6 different

identifiers. The difficulty is then to associate the individual with each of its devices in order to address it

in a relevant way on the right channel.

2- From
SMS Marketing Messages To Push Notifications

90% of SMS messages are opened and read within 90 seconds of sending: this communication channel is

therefore particularly interesting when there is a need for instantaneity (delayed flight, arrival of

parcels, etc.). At the same time, and emerging more and more, push. An interesting channel because

well accepted by consumers: their opening rate is 50% higher than email and 70% of users find them

useful if they are geolocated. Do not forget instant messaging that is gaining more and more importance

(3 billion users worldwide, 1 billion people connect to Messenger every month) and who can send

Messages that appear in the conversation thread but also answer consumer questions via bots. If new

channels appear constantly, the most important is to use the right channel according to the customer:

impossible to emerge on the Chinese market without being on WeChat, forget Snapchat if its target is

more than 30 years, etc.

3- Be Data Driven

Collecting data makes it possible to better target its mobile marketing campaigns: what type of device,

what interactions, elements of loyalty … And especially the geocalisation which represents a big stake in

terms of mobile marketing. Geolocation could allow a channel like Starbucks to send a push notification

to someone who passes close to one of his cafes after walking long and cold. What to personalize its

communications in a much finer way!

4- Optimization And Customization

If consumers spend most of their days on mobile phones, the desktop always surpasses the smartphone

when it comes to purchasing (mobile conversion rates are 65% lower) . Several factors may explain such

phenomenon, and in particular the ergonomics of the site or of the application. And why not test

different versions to finally adopt the most powerful? Sixt conducted a test on its mobile application and

proposed to all of its customers 3 different versions to choose the one offering the highest rate of

reservation. Beyond these tests, companies will have to go to more customization and propose different

versions of application according to the customers and their preferences.

5- Orchestration

The determined customer routes no longer work. It is now a question of putting in place a real multi-

channel orchestration by eliminating the silos of execution. For example, it may be useful to send SMS

messages to all of your customers and to send an e-mail only to those who have opened the SMS. By

taking an interest in the customer and his habits, we draw a more personalized, cross channel channel.

In Short ?

– Having a unique view of the client

– Think customer and not campaign: the right channel will flow naturally

– Mobile is not just a device: sms, push, instant messaging, geolocation … it is to use all its possibilities

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