Development of Android application

Development of android application

Development of Android application

Posted by Azhar Iqbal in Web Programming 10 Dec 2013

Android is an operating system, normally used in touch screen mobile phone devices powered by Google. Linux base operating system is open source platform, which is helpful for developers to understand the interface, framework and enable them to create an application for android phones. The library of Android application is stored at Google and known as Google Play store, where a user can get free and buy a paid application and run it to the device. The main benefit of android phones, a user has the different application which runs for communication, weather forecasting, and games etc

Development process for an android device is not like other development, a few tools are used in android development like, Eclipse, Install the ADT plugin for Eclipse Android SDK (Software development Kit).  Android is an open source operating system, so it’s very easy to develop an android application by using Eclipse on Mac, and windows operating system.

Advantages Android offers

  • There is no need to  pay for new hardware to develop an android application because The Android SDK is available for Windows, Mac and Linux,
  • An SDK built on Java. If you’re familiar with the Java programming language, you’re already done the most of its development.
  • By distributing your application on Android Market, it’s available to hundreds of thousands of users instantly. You’re not just limited to one store, because there are alternatives, too. For instance, you can launch your application on your own web page. Amazon have recently been supposed to be preparing their own Android app store also.
  • The technical SDK documentation, new resources are being published for Android developers as the platform gains popularity among both users and developers.
Azhar Iqbal

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