Facebook is a Fakebook, Get a real Life!

Facebook is a Fakebook, Get a real Life!

Posted by Azhar Iqbal in Uncategorized 10 Sep 2014

We all are habitual of using Facebook in our routine lives. We have friends and family involved in it. Though it is a good way to keep up with your social life but in reality it has many bad effects which are irrecoverable. Facebook affects our personal and professional lives both. Today we have some serious studies on the bad effects of Facebook and Social networking in our routine life. In the last years many researchers have found that Facebook weakens our nerves and make us dull and retarded. It not only captures our constructive skills but also keeps us under undue psychic pressure.

Observers found that a person using social network sites has more negative feelings i.e. jealousy, telling a lie, back biting and selfishness than a normal person. Studies tell us that the rate of telling a lie of a Facebooker is far greater than a normal person. All these things put bad effects in our lives as well as in the society we live in. A person telling a lie on Facebook will feel no shame in telling a lie to his family and friends.

As far as the professional life is concerned, Facebook and other Social Networking websites capture the brain of an ordinary person. He gets busy into unrealistic relationships, baseless friendships and uselessly curios about others life. These thoughts abandon the healthy activity of the brain and the person felling into all this stuff can’t think positive. His creativity and proactive approach sets aside and he becomes reactive. Social Media also increases lack of job satisfaction. The person watching others’ life activities all the time gets fascinated and keeps on running after the shadows of oasis in his life. So he always remain unhappy and complaining, which ultimately collapse his brighter side of life.

That’s why to stay Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise, get out into real life and bring Peace of Mind to yourself. Give time to real Family and real Friends. Think positive, do positive. Grab the bug before it bugs you!

Here are some useful links, that I would like to share with you all for supporting my advice.

http://www.businessinsider.com/facebook-fired-2011-5?op=1 (MOST INTERESTING)


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