Calls Tracking Application

TWILIO Calls tracking is a feature that is used to integrate web leads with phone leads. This is one of the most useful services by TWILIO in the marketing field. It has helped the businesses a lot in back tracking their services calls. It creates a chained link between the web marketing campaigns with the phone leads. This is a bit complicated mechanism which can be elaborated later in the article.

RS’ team of devoted TWILIO developers is at home in making various TWILIO based applications. They have full command and control over all the APIs offered by TWILIO communications. As the team has been working in the field since the last decade, they have a good experience for creating an effective calls tracking system for the developing businesses as well as established ones. They track the calls back up to the keywords searched by the internet users, so that the owner can know that which keyword and campaign is better for him. With the help of such detailed calls tracking he can also analyze the outgoing of his resources and can manage it in the reasonable way. TWILIO calls tracking by RS is easy, effective and affordable. We never charge high because we believe in serving rather selling.

Currently there are many calls tracking applications that are developed by RS and they are running successfully on various servers. A large list of businesses is using this application as their most important marketing analytical tool. There are HVAC, real estate, hotel and restaurant businesses that are using our calls tracking system for the growth in their sales and services. An increasing rate of growth has made them our satisfied clients.

How Calls Tracking Works?

Here we shall discuss the calls tracking system briefly so that the owners who are still unaware of this system could be able to get the idea and its usefulness. This system mainly uses two major components i.e. Google Adwords and TWILIO API. When the owner wants to advertize its business over the internet via Google Adwords, he choose keywords, then create campaigns and then he can launch his banners over the internet and Google charges him per click or per lead whatever the criteria is. The business shows TWILIO phone numbers on these banners for the buyers to reach to the business easily. Buyers touch the business over the internet by preset keywords and related ads. They call the TWILIO number and give the sales to the business. Here is the point where calls tracking come in to action. When the customer calls on a TWILIO number the tracking application get the loop back to the start of impulsion. It analyzes that through which campaign and which keyword did customer come from. In this way the owner can take a clear analysis of his business marketing and can make decisions upon that.

The application tells him the effectiveness of each keyword and campaign. It may also tell the performance and leads created by each campaign. He can create new campaigns or delete the existing ones on the behalf of statics drawn by the application. The application can be purchased by the RS at a very affordable cost and client can also modify it as per the nature of their business. One application can handle more than one business as well.

Azhar Iqbal

Author: Azhar Iqbal

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