The purpose of this plugin is to read the element of .dxf file and calculate the dimensions of the design draw in dxf file. This plugin  is used to read the calculation and measurement of the dxf file. The plugin can read the .dxf file elements and fetch the measurement and calculation, price and generate the product in woo commerce. Dxf estimator creates the product on the fly based on dxf file and adds it to cart and transferred the visitor to cart page

Azhar Iqbal

Author: Azhar Iqbal

Azhar Iqbal, with more than 15 years of programming experience, posses a firm command over system analysis, system design and custom software solutions. He envisioned utilizing his extensive experience and expertise to elucidate Telephony Applications Development and design more practical solutions. You can reach him through his website Ranking Solutions or LinkedIn Profile.