IVR (Phone System)

The Interactive Voice Response System that is known as IVR is used frequently nowadays. It is a pre-recorded voice portal that helps user to get the solution to his problem without involving human resources. The system is cost effective for the companies as they never need to hire extra staff for support services. Besides that the IVR is also helpful for the customers, because they get what they want exactly with the help of computer search. The search topics and related keywords are stored in the data base and when a customer asks for something, the data base recalls the related data set. It also works with the DTMF input of the telephone keypad.

The research on IVR was stared in the past in almost 1936, when a speech project was launched at Bell Labs. This project ended up with a device that was called “The Voder”. After that many researchers started to work on this technology and it got clarity and charm day by day. As days were passing the speech technology was growing. In 1961 the same Bell Labs showed up with a DTMF supported telephone that was able t o dial area codes using DTMF tones. It was actually a blueprint of IVR system as it was able to transmit tones in the range of 301 Hz to the 3.4 KHz, audible and occupied by human voice. Afterward in 1970s and 1980s the technology just got boom and in the starts of 1990s IVR was in action with the help of CTI (Computer Telephony Integration). At that time companies started to invest in it.

In this system of IVR TWILIO added a lot. TWILIO IVR introduced as a tool by TWILIO for installing on web-based applications. TWILIO API is being used by the developers’ team at RS. They are using all the APIs provided by TWILIO in more than hundred applications. The TWLIO IVR features is also being used by our developers efficiently. They have constructed many effective IVRs for the different companies and businesses. This system by RS is very famous in the market now and it is cost effective for specially those businesses which need to develop a strong support center that needs to be run 24/7.

Using TWLIO IVR at the base we have designed such a system that, when a customer calls a TWILIO phone number the system gets the user input in the form of DTMF tones or speech recognitions system and transfers the command to server. Afterwards server picks out the related data and sends to the web application of the customer and then voice reader reads it to the customer clearly. In this way the customer gets his related information very shortly and effectively. The system costs really affordable for the businesses. It is so because the TWILIO charges very low call rates all around the world. Then the TWILIO IVR never needs any human resource and above all the RS gives all the services at nominal cost that is the biggest benefit for the executives.

We heartily appreciate our clients for using TWILIO IVR in their business. We believe they will get their ultimate services from us.

Azhar Iqbal

Author: Azhar Iqbal

Azhar Iqbal, with more than 15 years of programming experience, posses a firm command over system analysis, system design and custom software solutions. He envisioned utilizing his extensive experience and expertise to elucidate Telephony Applications Development and design more practical solutions. You can reach him through his website Ranking Solutions or LinkedIn Profile.