Two-Way SMS Plugin


Two way sms is a real time chat plugin for WordPress. User can send the message and receive instant reply from that number.

Creating User Accounts

Add a user account like a normal account creation, users “Role” should be set as “Subscriber”

Return to the users menu select all users.  On the account your just created click on “Edit”

Toward the bottom of users profile you will see “Two-Way SMS Settings” you can notify the emails entered of any incoming conversation.  Email body can contain merge tags, like %name%, which will automatically fill the field with customer information.


Next, you can notify the phone numbers entered of any incoming conversation.  SMS body can contain merge tags, like %name%, which will automatically fill the field with customer information.

Caution: Entering sms notify numbers here will notify of every incoming sms on the twilio account.  You can use the “Name Edit and Custom Notifications” seen below in figure 8 to set custom notifications for certain customers.

Pairing Twilio Accounts to Users

Every user must be paired to a Twilio Account.  Ideally you should be using twilio sub-accounts as the Two-Way SMS widget will add all numbers from that Twilio Account.  In the Twilio dashboard at Twilio, grab the SID & Token and enter the the fields accordingly.  Any phone numbers attached to the Twilio Account will appear in the Two-Way SMS Widget.  In figure 5 below to sms notify a number on every customer reply enter the number you wish to notify.  Entering a notify number in the call forward number will forward ALL calls to the number entered.


Using the Two-Way SMS Discussion Widget

The discussion widget will always be found on the wordpress dashboard in the WP-Admin or WP-User Account.


Green = Reply to customers phone number

Black = Send to customer with selected number

Yellow = Message to send to customer

Purple = Phone numbers in discussion, click either to give real name and to set notifications as seen in figure 8.

Blue = Show # of replies in discussion

Orange = Discussion pane

Red = Give you shortcode to plug into any WP page to display Two-Way SMS Widget

Name Edit and Custom Notifications 

See figure 8 below how to set customer names and salesman/agent notification.  Notification content is determined by the two-way sms settings “Notify Text” &seen above figures 3 and 4.  Adding a forward number in the “Edit Name For The Number” will override the forward number set.

Using Conversation Embed

You can embed conversations using wp shortcodes.

Using the 2 way conversation embedded on a mobile/web page.



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