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RS Phone System is a very sophisticated and mature application that is developed by the experts of RS. It is being used all around the globe at almost 138 servers. Earlier it was launched as a separate application and after its greater success; it has now been launched as a WordPress plug-in. The user can install it easily in any WordPress theme easily and may enjoy its ultimate feature. It is a great application as per business point of view as the user may get handsome revenue by it.

RS Phone System is actually a TWILIO based application. It uses TWILIO API in the background. User applies his paid TWILIO account in the settings and he can enjoy the greater revenue with minimum cost. It is a full fledge Interactive Voice Response system while the other features of the RS Phone System are discussed below with detail.

Purchase or release Local Numbers:

By using this application you can buy or release any available local number in any area right from application’s interface at any time. You never need to log on to Twilio website.

Buy or release Toll Free Numbers:

In the same way the user can also buy or release toll free numbers for his application. He will be using his Twilio account Sid for that and the application will show all the available toll free numbers from a specified code.

Calls Forwarding:

Calls forwarding is a big feature of this application. User can forward his calls to any other number from all over the world. He will just need to pay the Twilio gateway charges and he will get a freedom of calls forwarding without notifying the caller.

IVR Setup:

By using this WordPress plug-in user can setup his own interactive voice response system for his business. Or he may sublet his IVR to his clients for the sake of generating revenue. The IVR at RS Phone System is more effective and advanced than any other available in the market. User can use multiple voice recordings in the system for giving call options to his callers. This System can merge unlimited steps and unlimited options. It can automatically send email, send text message, forward calls, play another recording, record message and can also take to further IVR step.

Set Tariff and packages:

Using RS Phone System the admin can also set different calls package or tariff for his each clients. He can charge each customer with a different price. In this way he can earn maximum profit from his onetime investment in the system.

Unlimited Clients:

User can carry unlimited clients on this system. There is no limitation. All he has to do is to buy different numbers for each client from Twilio. He can draw up a long list of clients in the system. He can bill and handle them all separately without mixing up.

PayPal Payment method:

For the sake of secured and guaranteed payment, PayPal has been added in the RS Phone System. It will secure the admin for his accrued payment. He will feel safe and will continue his business fearlessly. PayPal is easily acceptable payment mean for the clients as well.

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Author: Azhar Iqbal

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