Corona Virus Precautions To Be Followed

RankSol Team – Corona Virus Precautions – Standard Operating Procedure To Be Followed.

1- Minimum 2 Meter social distance is compulsory

2- Wash your hands and use sanitizer

3- Wearing a proper mask is compulsory

4- Disinfectious spray

5- Bring lunch from home

6- Avoid going out of the plaza

7- Use gloves to go out for public bathroom

8- Own cup of tea, own glass of water

9- Usage of laptop and computer is restricted to only one person

10- Office lights, Ac’s to be switched. On / off by only one person

In this current dilemma, we stand together and united. Our operations team is standby (active) to help and support all of the clients.

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Azhar Iqbal April 22, 2020 0 Comments