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Why companies hire UX and UI design developers

What Should Be Applied For Designing Perfect Interface?
1: Keep the interface minimalist:
2: Create evenness and apply regular UI components:
3: Be planned before designing a page design:
4: Deliberately use relevant hues and textures:
5: The proper use of typography to make a chain of transparency and importance:
6: Ensure the output system’s communication:
7: Study the defaults:

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Mobile Bulk SMS Marketing For Every Business

Why Mobile SMS Marketing

As mobile sms marketers and promotors, we’re regularly considering innovative methods to reach our messages out to current and prospective customers, while guaranteeing we get great leads and results can be achieved by our approach. One of the primary realistic guidelines in marketing is to think like your viewers, to keep up-to-date with their purchasing habits and where they are looking.

Whatever your support or item is, it’s important to make sure it’s noticeable wherever your clients go, with a ratio now of four mobile phones to every single personal computer, it’s obvious where our clients are. Mobile SMS Marketing is something which you can manage to put on the to-do-list for the future; you need to make sure you’re on a cell phone, now.

Mobile SMS Marketing For Museums

SMS Marketing is becoming a well-known way for companies and businesses to easily get in touch with potential clients and customers. How can your art gallery or museum use this way of communication to easily connect with patrons?

SMS is great because it’s immediate and results in immediate communication. Actually, most of the SMS marketing messages are read out within 3 minutes of being received. You can definitely take advantage of this by advertising shortcodes on your relics and art items.  By offering a shortcode on certain items, customers can send shortcode to you in order to get more information regarding the part they are looking at. This allows you to enhance involvement and collect new information from your potential visitors.

For example, if a customer is fascinated by a particular dinosaur Skelton you can use the SMS Marketing Messages to give them information regarding the era that dinosaur lived in, where it was discovered, or by providing a web link to a website. Engaging with your customers on such a personal level not only increases involvement, but it also develops brand loyalty.

You can also use SMS messages to remind customers of future displays, unique special deals, promotions and more!

The best part is that with marketing automated system which you can set up these marketing messages to deliver instantly. That’s right; you can increase engagement with your website visitors instantly. This helps you to save time and resources while still offering a more interesting check out to your customers.

WordPress SMS Marketing plugin connects you with our audience and helps you see great results. With WordPress mobile SMS marketing plugin you can easily:

Grow Your Business

More messages sent and receive means that you will get more engagement, more leads and more business.

Reach More People

With recent reports and updates by Forbes more than 98% of messages are opened within minutes of the receipt.

Save Money

When it comes to affordable marketing, every business and marketing agency wishes to get the best return on investment at minimum cost. With our bulk sms marketing plugin you can send messages at only pennies per text, text messaging is really affordable as it is effective.

You must be thinking why I should use bulk WordPress SMS marketing plugin when there are other bulk sms sending tools out there ?

We offer this particular tool that can almost help any type of business. Learn more about how our bulk sms marketing plugin is changing the feature of many organizations and helping them in advertising their businesses.

1- Retail

Reach out to more of your potential clients and customers with discounts, promotions, in house deals, coupons, in-store events and much more. Don’t miss out on this change because WordPress SMS marketing plugin is available these days at a discounted price of only $21.

2- Fitness

Keep texting to your gym attendants and encourage them to participate in high-class SMS marketing campaigns. You can send them to redeem coupons and discount vouchers to get facilitated from the nearest outlet.

3- Schools And Universities

Engaging with students, instructors and faculty members was very terrible in the past but not anymore. With our award-winning super-exclusive software you can engage with students, teachers, instructors and will never miss any event. Check out the product demo today!

4- Non Profit Organizations

Increase your potential revenue by growing your membership base, increase donations and send information which is critical. Convey your message with a mission, with our SMS text messaging script boosting your engagement is easier than you think.

5- Faith-Based

Our SMS marketing script is widely used by many churches and religious places to remind their believers to be on time and don’t miss even a single update. Text your believers and congregants to boost up attendance at services, events and classes.

6- Food And Hospitality

Within the passage of time, many food businesses like big hotels and restaurants are adapting to this technology and offering great deals and coupons via campaigns and promos. Text food lovers, travelers and lifestyle experts with events can avail great opportunities with our wp SMS plugin.

7- Health Care

We have designed and developed our SMS marketing in such a way that it focuses on care, not managing and communications. Building a medical health care service comes with enough difficulties and challenges — maintaining up the office, managing services and applications, handling employees and costs — and problems interacting should not be one of them. It’s time for a better way to communicate with your patients, staff, and associates. With our SMS marketing plugin, interacting with your medical care community is quick, easy, and affordable.

Use SMS messages to synchronize up with staff about arranging and create tasks to avoid misunderstandings and setbacks. Keeps the faculty operating efficiently using notices about maintenance and cleaning plans, equipment problems or failures, low product or medication inventory and more. Incorporate SMS messages into medical care operations; your patients will love being able to receive updates, reminders, and notifications about their lab results, prescription replacements.

8- Municipalities

Send conservation and billing tips to the community or send training and organizational info to your employees. Your constituents are active people. They’re likely to overlook e-mail (if that e-mail even makes it pass competitive junk filters), pay little attention to conventional email, and be annoyed by irritating phone calls. But — as individuals and members of your community — they do have an interest in your message. So how can you achieve them?

How can you be confident that your communication and interaction will not only reach your citizens but get observed and valued by them? Our bulk sms marketing system is the most quick and easy method out there. And, like you, your constituents are using it to connect with each other. Texting messaging boosts an unmatched 99% open rate, with fully 90% of that information read within three minutes of receipt. Build a more successful — and complex — community by adopting the technology preferred by your citizens.

9- Lead Generation

Now you can easily build a strong business lead pipeline for you and your potential clients. We offer a complete package for sms lead generation system. In the aggressive consumer-focused world of selling and advertising, businesses depend on your promotion or ad agency’s creativeness and experience to help them out with their competitors, attract more customers and bring new leads. Your organization must illustrate reliable success and a thorough understanding of customers across sectors in order to win new offers and maintain and grow all new and old agreements. How will you do it?

While many organizations spend lots of money releasing high-tech, multi-channel strategies, they sometimes lose the vision that less can be more — and often, the perfect solution is relaxing right in the palm of your hands. WordPress sms text messaging is a simple but highly effective communication channel, attaining customer’s right where they are and consequently offering an amazing 99% open rate. And MMS (multimedia messaging) allows delivering images, video, GIFs and audio, thereby further improving texting. SMS prospecting is similarly effective.

10- Auto Auction

Not just all the businesses and sectors mentioned above our versatile product offer great deals and huge return on investment for auto auctions and deals. You can text contacts along with their details with special information about events, bidding and much more.

There are a lot of cars/auto sales out there; to make sure yours is doing well, you need to give more than just rewards…you need your marketing texts to be observed. You need to cut through the “noise” originating from competitive sales and make sure your own marketing messages stand out as compared with your competitors. E-mail — which usually goes to SPAM — and telephone phone calls — which aren’t responded to — Nor do costly TV commercials, which have become considered problems and often end up muted. You need a whole new strategy.

11- Unions And Associations

Engage with your unions and associations, boost participation and send your dues and reminders to members right away. Use our SMS marketing plugin for sending SMS for unions and associations.

Engage and mobilize with your associate which is the key to the success of your union and organization. But in today’s world of mass confusion, how do you make sure that your message is heard? Your associates are active individuals, often balancing and juggling at more than one jobs, family members, and group activities. They want to get your messages — indeed, it is crucial to their livelihoods — but they’re also being pulled in several different guidelines. E-mail is almost lost today, telephone calls are missed; you need to adapt to a communication channel that reduces through all and reaches to your associates wherever they are, whatever they are doing.

There is simply no more effective means of outreach. Use our text messaging to deliver up to date minute news on discussions, conferences, meeting reminders and much more. Use it to study your members, or even for launching and gathering votes. Our versatile plugin is full of rich features that you can’t ever resist.

12- Residential Communities

Texting your neighborhood with information, safety tips, and HOA updates was never been too easy. One of the most powerful areas is those in which citizens communicate, work together, and connect. In such surroundings, citizens watch out for each other, take part in a group chat and share activities, also take pride in their collective home.

But what is the best way to perform such interaction, and make sure it’s not missed? Email threats getting captured in SPAM filtration, frequent email is expensive, slowly, and ecologically unfavorable and doing telephone phone calls are time-consuming. Residents have a natural interest in getting information associated with their areas, but you want to deliver that message in the most effective way.

So what are you waiting for! Start using our versatile SMS marketing solution and take your business to the next level. Have a look at a product demo. Contact us today for a complete while labeled application.  

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CEO’S Message – Muhammad Azhar Iqbal

In today’s competitive world there are too many challenges out there but in order to survive and strive for excellence, one must truly offer great services and based on my experience I have found that it’s not about the idea but it’s about the implementation which makes that idea a masterpiece.

Our Vision

We are in the center of technical improvements and revolution’s, as per the changes we are getting from all over the globe and the increase in the progression convinced me to do an effort and create something that will not only play a role in the realm of technological innovation but will also allow providing the skills with correct direction and profession possibilities. Being an IT professional and a businessman I have found that only an organization can develop and help the learners as the glowing professionals of the future especially in the field of technology. 

Our Achievement: Satisfied customers around the globe.

At Ranksol, the upward trend in our business graph itself exhibits our strong customer relationship. The ongoing endorsements of satisfied customers have boosted our growth and helped broadened our clientele base of both individual and corporate clients. This acknowledges the diversity of our services without compromising on industry standards. It gives me a great sense of satisfaction to acknowledge the steady growth of our company that would have not been possible without the dedication of our team, faith of our customers in us and co-operation from our vendors.

Being A Member Of: An Element of trust.

FBR – Federal Board of Revenue, Pakistan
PSEB – Pakistan Software Export Board
P@sha – Pakistan Software House Association
FITCO – Faisalabad IT Companies Organization
FCCI – Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce
FCCI IT Committee – Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce IT Committee
Startup Grind Faisalabad

Our Promise:

At Ranksol we are determined to provide our clients and customers the right solutions for all of their IT related problems. Either setting up a new website for your business, buying a domain or hosting or starting up a marketing campaign for your business, creating a web application or native app in ios or android we have got it all covered up for you with our innovative and evident systems that you can take up and handle later.

Our Experience

With more than 15 years of experience in the field, I came up with such results-oriented solutions that are very easy to use and easier to understand so that, no matter what your field of business is, you can get the maximum benefits out of it. My motivation has always been the feedback of my clients that gives me the chance to expand my vision and bring the best out of me.

Our Business Partners

Graphic River

Why Choose Ranksol?

As a team of dedicated professionals, we come up with personalized and innovative ideas to make your business venture a success. Our goal is to satisfy your needs with our expert opinions and custom-designed features made in accordance to your requirements. We are the pioneers of the field and have been through all the ups and downs
of an industry that has brought us to this point where we make impossible, possible.

Best Regards

Muhammad Azhar Iqbal
CEO Ranksol

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