Cheap Ecommerce Solutions: They are Fooling You!

Cheap ecommerce solutions! Affordable ecommerce solutions! Easy ecommerce solutions! Well, you will see them everywhere in your hunt for ecommerce solutions providers in cyberspace. But, do they really deliver as the bold and glitzy advertisings say, or are they just calling a bluff, trying to fleece you with hidden business (ill) motives?

Just read on, and learn the tricks of the trade to separate the chaff and see the fine dividing line between chalk and cheese, if you are seriously looking out for affordable eCommerce solutions that help you run your business at ease.

Research shows that most of the people looking for e-commerce solutions type in ‘cheap eCommerce solutions’, ‘easy ecommerce solutions’ , ‘affordable ecommerce solutions’ and similar terms in their google/yahoo searches. Taking this trend in cue, e-commerce providers use “cheap, affordable and easy” in generous proportions in their advertisements to trap new entrepreneurs looking for a toehold in the internet marketing business. But, tell you what, most of the time they end up swindling and conning you of your seed money at your own doing (undoing).

Want to be on the safer side?

So what do you look out for in your search to zero in on reliable and genuine yet affordable ecommerce solutions? Before you jump into the bandwagon clicking through the advertisements that offer you cheap or easy e-commerce solutions, chalk out the vital features that you need. Only then check and cross-check all the vendors that provide all the features you are keen on incorporating.

Remember if you fail to plan, your plan will fail. So, get set and start making a list, keeping the following points in mind.

1) Product & Target Customer: List your product(s)/service(s) keeping the likes/dislikes of your target customer in mind. See if your customer base is purely local or a global one.

2) Shopping Cart: Would you need a shopping cart? It would be beneficial to have one if you are dealing in more than one product/service, but for a single product/service you may skip this feature.

3) Payment Options: There are multiple payment options available like paypal, credit card etc. You need to decide on the option(s) you would offer your customer.

4) Advertising & Promotion Strategies: With the availability of a number of ways to promote and advertise your products from banners and internet advertisements to link building and email marketing, you are required to select the best mode that would ensure you the highest ROI.

5) Your Budget: And last but no the least, the amount of money you can shell out to acquire the service of an ecommerce vendor is important. You need to duly check out if all your requisite features are included in the package, as there may be hidden costs involved with minute features that you fail to oversee.

Once you are through with the following points, you can get down to business by availing an affordable e-commerce solution that would work best for you. You can,

a) Opt for a Ready-made Ecommerce Package, if it has all the features you require

b) Get a Customized Ecommerce Solution that can allocate quick construction and deployment of database-driven storefronts, or else

c) Hire an Ecommerce Solutions Vendor to develop you ecommerce website from scratch inculcating all the features you want.

And, yes you have the options of getting your ecommerce website designed and hosted by different ecommerce service providers or you can let the same vendor design as well as host it.

Remember, an authentic eCommerce solutions vendor should be able to give you an edge over other players in the business by boosting your revenue and profitability, reducing overheads and revolutionizing your customer service. Ecommerce solutions should help you communicate effectively with customers and promote your products efficiently.

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