Consider Integrating SMS Into Your Marketing Strategies

The recent rise in Mobile SMS Marketing is part of one of those phenomena that many people can equate to a retro fashion, but it has its explanation.

1.Never without my smartphone!

We can now hardly conceive life without a laptop, it accompanies us from waking to bedtime. Nearly 74% of French people are equipped with a smartphone (Médiamétrie), it is a great tool for brands that can interact directly, personally and quickly with their targets.

The paradox is that brands are increasingly attracted by SMS marketing when users have almost abandoned the use for the benefit of free messaging services like WhatsApp or iMessage, and email. In June 2019, more than 80 million French have connected at least once to the mobile Internet. In recent months, there has been an increase in the effectiveness of marketing SMS. This trend can be explained by the fact that the companies that use it are still few, the contact is not “saturated” with sms messages.

2.The SMS intrigues

The opening rate of SMS is very high, around 97%. The reason is pretty obvious when you think about it. Nobody can resist the temptation to immediately open an SMS. Unlike what happens with e-mails, the SMS is not put aside for later reading, it is rarely deleted without even being read. It is estimated that SMS are opened and read 1 to 4 minutes after receipt.

3.The new generation

SMS The SMS that we receive now has nothing to do with what we received a few years ago, because our phones have changed dramatically. With the technological advancement of smartphones, the user can connect at any time and with a simple click on the Internet. Thus, the SMS makes it possible to direct the users since a shortened URL towards a site of sale. And thanks to these URLs included in the message, it is possible to remedy one of the main handicaps of the marketing SMS to date: the inability to know the results of a campaign.

It is now possible to know how many people have clicked on the link (and thus open the message) and calculate the sales volume generated directly by SMS. These three factors make SMS Marketing one of the growing strategies in direct marketing. we found that in the last year, the investment has increased by 50% for SMS marketing, with the arrival of companies that have never used this tool before. This is the case for e-commerce, a sector that exploits the smartphone / Web connection.

His performances have placed SMS in the top of the strategies used by the retail trade, especially in case of special promotions or linked to loyalty programs and coupons. A survey of the MMA ( Marketing Mobile Association ) revealed that 40% of respondents use the SMS to replace paper discount coupons during a checkout at the store and 42.5% to accumulate loyalty bonuses.
With Mobile SMS Marketing, the conversion is higher, but the investments are more substantial than for an email marketing campaign.

It is true that the opening rate of Mobile SMS Message is higher, but the sending of e-mail is free while the sending of an SMS always has a cost. That’s why we recommend establishing a multichannel strategy(email, sms, social networks, etc.). It is much easier to work with a platform that integrates all channels, as it allows you to choose the most effective and appropriate channel for each campaign and the target profile.

By following these recommendations, we obtain very good results . This is seen in the marketing study conducted by the Australian company Why Brand in 2012, on how the contact interacts with the SMS. The data is very interesting since: 45% of users who receive SMS advertising talk to their friends, 29% reply to the SMS and 47% of those who answer it make a purchase.

The SMS should still have good days in front of him!
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