Google Indexing Bug and Fate of Online Businesses

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Beginning of Google indexing Bug

1st Round

Mid of August, SEO chatters and reports of ranking fluctuations in the Google search results, flooded Twitter and discussion forums. Overall, rankings dropped very quickly and had a massive hit so many SEOs started assuming that they are going to face a huge moment—that Google major core update is being launched.

However, Google’s John Mueller replied that the suspicious changing behavior of the search is a glitch and will be fixed soon…

After John’s statement, Google webmasters officials also tweeted that it was all caused by a bug in their indexing system. They didn’t elaborate on the bug that hard hit the rankings.

It is very important to note, if indexing is problematic then every next step of Google is linked to outcome, mean rankings. If ranking is dropped massively means Google all database is hard hit by this bug.

Skeptical SEOs also said, “This was an intentional update, but it went horribly wrong”.

We’ll never know unfortunately. What happened exactly?

Within a week Google sort out the situation and rankings get stable as they were in few weeks later.

2nd Round

Mid-September, rankings again getting dropped massively that every webmaster gets frustrated, what,s happening and the main problem was search console indexing reporting. Most of the URLs were not indexed after 1st September 2020 and resubmission for indexing results with no changes. So officials of search console had to step out with this statement.

After getting Google straightforward Statement about this bug, still webmasters get frustrated due to this statement.

Means webmaster can,t do anything to resolve this matter but stay at home like covid 19 situation and wait for google message, we fix it. So after one day, Google given a hope, we ae have done our work 10%

After two weeks passed, there was no further update from google side till october 20, they announce, we have done 99% work of indexing and canonical. They restored almost 99% effected urls and remaing will be restored within a week.

Impact of this bug on Online Businesses

There were two major impacts on websites of this glitch

1: Traffic Decrease

If the site is not getting indexed then ultimately it will not be visible to search engines so ultimately decrease organic traffic. If less organic traffic then ultimately less revenue generation so result in loss. I personally witnessed a 50% decrease in traffic to many big sites having monthly traffic in millions. These sites were very professional and up to date so it’s not like they have implemented bad SEO practices so they get penalized.

2: Bad Search results

Every country searchers faced bad results in google due to this glitch. People were searching for some specific words and viewing different websites in results that were not related to that phrase.

Problem Still Exists

The problem is still continued after two and a half month passed and google is claiming, we have fixed 99% but many webmasters are claiming, their site is not getting indexed. Pls, see an example as this page is indexed almost 3 months ago and it is still not indexed.

Few Responses in favour to my statement.

Businesses are in loss and they had to fire precocious human resource as they are not in a position to sustain the position. If this situation goes further longer then majority of online businesses will be vanished as they are already hard hit by COVID19 from the beginning of the year 2020.

Welcome to Suggestions and Feedback

We welcome any suggestion and feedback from webmaster community that provide benefit to online business community as majority of business community needs each others help now.

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