Google latest updates in 2013

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Google, owned by Google Inc, is the king of search engine on worldwide, has defined its own criteria to calculate the traffic on websites and the ranking of the keyword. Like all other search engines, Google utilizes an uncommon calculation to produce query items. While Google offers general certainties about its calculation, the specifics are an organization mystery. This assists Google remain focused on other web search tools on the Web and diminishes the possibility of somebody figuring out how to misuse the framework.

Google brought major changes in its algorithm and calculation in the last three years, due to these changes, many of the webmasters hit badly and affected by Google changes. In 2013, the following changes are made by the Google:

Panda #24 — January 22, 2013:  22 Jan, 2013, Google declared its first official update (Google Panda 24) and claimed 1.2% of search queries affected.

Panda #25 — March 14, 2013: Panda 25 update was released on 14th march, 2013. This update emphasizes on the quality of a website’s content and gets rid of spammy and low quality web pages. Provide the visitors with valuable and quality stuff to avoid being hit by Panda.

“Phantom” — May 9, 2013: A Google update called” Phantom”9th May, 2013 was announced.  In this update there was a number of webmasters who lost their traffic and hit by this update.

Domain Crowding — May 21, 2013: This is another transform that seems, by all accounts, to be attached to hostile to grouping of dominions. It additionally applies to spaces with overwhelming subdomain utilization, such as

Penguin 2.0 (#4) — May 22, 2013: The precise nature of the progressions were misty, however some confirmation inferred that Penguin 2.0 was all the more finely focused to the page level.

“Payday Loan” Update — June 11, 2013: Google declared a targeted algorithm update to take on niches with notoriously spammy results, specifically mentioning payday loans and porn.

Panda Dance — June 11, 2013: Matt Cutts made an important clarification at SMX Advanced, suggesting that Panda was still updating monthly, but each update rolled out over about 10 days. This was not the “everflux” many people had expected after Panda #25.

Multi-Week Update — June 27, 2013: The nature of the update was unclear, but there was massive rankings volatility during that time period, peaking on June 27th (according to MozCast data).It seems that Google may have been testing some changes that were later rolled back.

Panda Recovery — July 18, 2013: Google confirmed a Panda update, but it was unclear whether this was one of the 10-day rolling updates or something new. The implication was that this was algorithmic and may have “softened” some previous Panda penalties.

Knowledge Graph Expansion — July 19, 2013: Seemingly overnight, queries with Knowledge Graph (KG) entries expanded by more than half (+50.4%) across the MozCast data set, with more than a quarter of all searches showing some kind of KG entry.

Unnamed Update — July 26, 2013: Mozcast followed an extensive Friday spike (105° F), with different sources demonstrating critical movement through the weekend.

In-depth Articles — August 6, 2013: Google included another sort of news come about called “in-depth articles”, committed to additional evergreen, long-structure content. At launch, it incorporated connections to three articles, and seemed crosswise over something like 3% of the ventures that Mozcast tracks.

Hummingbird — August 20, 2013: Affirmed on September 26th, Google inferred that the “Hummingbird” overhaul took off in the vicinity of a month prior. Our best speculation binds it to a Mozcast spike on August 20th and numerous reports of flux from August 20-22. Hummingbird has been contrasted with Caffeine, and appears to be a center calculation redesign that may power changes to semantic quest and the Knowledge Graph for months to come.

Penguin 2.1 (#5) — October 4, 2013: A 4-1/2 month later, Google started an alternate Penguin upgrade. Given the 2.1 designation, this was presumably an information upgrade (principally) and not a major change to the Penguin calculation. The generally speaking effect appeared to be direct, in spite of the fact that a few webmasters reported being hit hard.

After all these updates by Google, SEO is still alive, but overall, Google make the search results more relevant and qualitative for its visitors. The main focus of optimization is about the content and its key terms and keywords should talk about the quality and relevant stuff. Writing style of articles, guest blog, and blog posts has been modified now. The following are some ways, which can help you people to make your SEO more reliable and quality.

Avoid focusing on specific anchor text phrases

Gather natural backlinks

Diversify your brand portfolio by building social media pages

Focus On Your Branding, Not Your Ranking

Write proper and high quality news, not only timeless resources.

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