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Today, the cost of email marketing is growing. Moreover, it has firmly taken its place in the TOP-3 tools in the B2B sector. But even an increase in the budget does not help most marketers achieve the desired goal. Why? Because of the inability to attract and activate the target audience.

Of course, there is no universal advice for all occasions, but the entrepreneur and startup George Mathew (George Mathew) encourages marketers to find a common language with different types of buyers, attract their attention and have their own port, brand, company.

For starters, it would be nice to know what users want. And to get this information, you need to know how they behave and what drives them when making purchases.

Collecting information about the behavior of customers, you can find out what they are interested in. And subsequently, the collected data will be useful for lidogeneratsii and increase sales through segmented electronic dispatches.

What Should Be That Content

1: How to track the opening of a message

2: Why is it important to personalize e-mails?

3: How to personalize email marketing?

4: Ideas for personalization

5: Segmentation of subscribing base

6: Idea for segmentation 1: past purchases

Idea for segmentation 2: theme

Idea for segmentation 3: Statistics

7: Behavioral targeting

8: Groovehq

9: Amazon

10: “Reply” and “welcome” letters

11: Doggyloot

12: Dropbox

13: Groovehq

14: Okdork

15: Planoscope

16: Facebook


How to track the opening of a message

Before working on increasing the open rate, you need to know how many users open your emails. How to do it?

Many modern e-mail clients allow you to embed a request into the letter, allowing the recipient to decide whether to inform you about opening a message or not. Alas, many people find such requests intrusive or just lazy and ignore them.

Therefore, a lot of special services were developed – Mail Tracker. The principle of their work is quite simple. In the email, a link to the image is added, the size of which is one pixel. Such images are automatically uploaded by the email client from a remote server, and it considers the recipients’ addresses to the sent messages. Here are a few of these services:

SMS Marketing & Email Marketing Application Tracking


Contact Monkey



Secure email service by StarForce Technologies

DocuSign This function is also in Google Analytics.

Why is it important to personalize e-mails?

We all love a person-centered service that takes into account our inclinations, tastes, interests, regardless of what sphere we are talking about. Personalization really matters. For example, this approach can bring waiters 23% more tips. And in business, personalization can increase the company’s revenue by 2%. It’s the same with email marketing.

The report of Experian Marketing Services showed that the introduction of personalized product recommendations in electronic mailing can increase the conversion to sales by 20%.

Comparison of letters with personalization in the subject and without

The study of the target audience in the Hubspot poll showed that people subscribe to the newsletters, hoping to get some useful information specifically for them. However, there is no need to worry about

collecting specific information for personalization. Practice shows that a large number of those polled were ready to provide their data to well-known brands if only after that the possibility of personalized shopping would follow. It’s time to get on the course. From George Matthew’s article, you’ll learn how you can motivate a subscriber to read your letter and even buy something with it. It will be about segmentation, behavioral targeting and the mechanism of “triggering” e-mails.

basic strategies for optimizing email distribution

How to personalize email marketing?

First, decide on the topic of the letter.

Studies have shown that personalized letters are opened by users 29% more often.

Personalization – the process is quite complex: during it, you need to try to choose from the product catalog the product that most suits one or another subscriber. All this does not mean that every individual user will have to send a letter with unique content. There are several tricks that will help simplify and automate the process.

Feedback loop

Feedback loop tested two different email headers: the first option – with the name of the buyer, written in a polite manner; The second contained a general description of the offer. Mailchimp’s report is based on 24 billion sent letters with the inclusion of more than 20,000 different words and expressions. The results of the study are quite interesting:

Although usually in the mailing letters and it is customary to specify only the name of the recipient, the email with name and surname is opened by users more often. Letters, in the subject of which the name

and surname are indicated, are most popular.

Personalization by name

The impact on the Open Rate:

First and last name – 0.33;

Only surname – 0.17;

Only the name is 0.09.

To send personalized letters with the name and surname of the recipient, you can use tags. But this is not the only way to personalize e-mail. If you work with the CRM system, you should have a lot of information in the database: registration day, phone number, perfect conversions and much more.

Theoretically, all this information can be used.

Why do readers lose interest in your newsletter?

Ideas for personalization Subscribers see who sends them letters, and this affects respondents quite

strongly. Usually in business letters, instead of the sender’s name, the name of the company is

indicated, but only by indicating in the letter the concrete name of the real person, one can succeed. The ideal option is to specify the name of the manager (for example) and the company name. Hubspot conducted a survey to find out whether letters sent by a real person really work better. While letters on behalf of the company received 73% of CTR, emails with the name of the manager and the name of the company CTR was 96%.

Segmentation of subscribing base

Surely you have heard about cases when segmentation of the base significantly increased the conversion. If not, here is one example from practice: profit increased by 141%. There are other evidences: BustedTees sent letters every day at the same time, and when the delivery time was changed (taking into account the geographic location of subscribers), the profit of the resource grew by 8%.

Another example, quite specific. In the case of the Doggyloot resource, email personalization resulted in a CTR increase of as much as 759%! Resource owners used “dog” information to create letters for dog owners. The new user could not work with the site without registering. Segmentation started directly on the landing page.

On the Doggyloot lead-form, there are 2 fields: one of them asks the size of the visitor’s dog, and the other is for the email address. What is this all for? It’s simple: big dogs can be offered a rubber duck for dental design, and for kids like Chihuahua this toy will be absolutely irrelevant.

Targeted letters for owners of large dogs increased the CTR by 410% and brought in 13% more profit. In order to achieve an even greater effect, the resource added a section “My dog” to the user’s office, where all the basic information about the pet should be entered.

Resource owners even offered a bonus of $ 5 for specifying the date of birth of their favorite dog users. The more information about the subscriber you have, the more levels of segmentation you can add.

Email marketing from professionals: 15 new examples

Idea for segmentation 1: past purchases

Write letters for customers based on their past purchase experience. Does this one work? Yes, this is a very effective practice. Art Beads managed to increase the conversion rate by as much as 208% thanks to targeted letters.

Among all the buyers, they identified the most “wasteful”. Letters were sent to those who made at least one major purchase in the last six months. That’s how they did it.

The letter was sent on behalf of the director, which gives the impression that he personally worries about all the buyers.
It has images that enhance trust.
The letter mentions past purchases.
In the text there are special “personalization” phrases.
Even a 20% discount is offered. What came of this? The company received 71% more conversions in sales.

It seems that buyers appreciate the director’s appeal. This is an excellent example of segmentation and targeting based on past purchases.

There are two reasons for using this approach.

Offers can be sent to a group of buyers who may be interested in it.
The degree of ease and sincerity is much higher.

Idea for segmentation 2: theme

Resources such as Copyblogger offer e-books on various topics, from copywriting and ending with the wisdom of Internet marketing. Such sites can always offer a product for free to check what users will “peck” first.

The idea for segmentation 3: Statistics

Some of the visitors will want to test everything that is on the site or a site, and try, let’s say, a demo of the program in practice, while others will not succumb to this temptation.

Following the behavior of each new user and keeping statistics, you can distribute all the guests on the lists. Active users will like letters with recommendations, while beginners will need learning correspondence. You can even track which letters were liked by those or other users, which received more feedback. The main thing is not to stop studying the target audience.

Email marketing: what and how to test in the newsletter?

Behavioral targeting

Less than 45% of e-mails are made taking into account information about the behavior of the site visitor. Although these data can be considered invaluable to some extent. Here are some good examples.


Resource marketing found that among its users there are those that come in a hundred times a day, and there are those who never log on at all. The strategy is simple and clear: sending all users the same emails is meaningless, so the company sends out different letters, depending on the behavior of the client.

What does this give? The number of conversions increased by 10%. Here is an example of the email that Groovehq sends to those who have already registered:


A good example of behavioral targeting is Amazon. The distribution of this resource is almost ideal. The user of the site Chris Schwartz tells how he became the “victim” of an assertive, but very thought-out strategy from Amazon: Chris was looking for a video camera and got on the Amazon website, after which he received the first email on the electronic box.

Then another letter came in a day, after four days, it was offered to receive a 50% discount. In the ninth letter, the store addressed Chris by name and offered to explore the range. “Reply” and “welcome” letters such letters are triggered by the buyer’s activity. The letters are sent in real-time and therefore receive about 33% of the reviews.


We already said above that the site offered users $ 5 as a gift for indicating the date of birth of their favorite dog in their personal card. Thanks to this information, the resource will be able to organize a holiday newsletter, which, as you know, has the user to the company.

Such letters will help to establish friendly relations between business and the user.

Doggyloot has an urgency element. Just open it and you will see that almost all the best goods are sold out. A call to action in them courteously repeated twice. Such letters are especially good in the first weeks of acquaintance when the user just starts to get used.


This SaaS-solution usually offers users its services, sending a nice well-designed letter.


A letter to a newcomer is a must. Welcome letters from this resource are designed to help the buyer. The mailing list usually describes all the advantages of the product.

Groovahq conducts a dialogue with users, helping to understand the management, for which he received 41% more responses. The resource also managed to find out at what stage the user can “surrender”, and in order to avoid this, an auxiliary instruction is sent at the right time.

What is custom email marketing?


There are other ways to attract attention. The signature “I read all the letters” interested the recipient.


In the welcome letter & additional personalization.


The social ntwork sends messages as a result of some activity, pointing to a newly appeared comment or personal message.


All these examples speak of one thing: buyers want communication; they want to talk and be heard.

Personalization is a way to prove that there is a relationship between the buyer and the seller. There are many alternatives today. To the buyer does not succumb to the temptations of your competitors, it is worthwhile to interest and convinces in the existence of personal good relations between him and you personally.

Personalized emails add warmth to the relationship, and marketers need to remember this.

No matter how big or small your business is, you should get the most out of your e-mail list and strive for constant Open Rate optimization. Think about it!

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