Innovation In E-Commerce: Opting For The Highly Personalized Customer Experience

Innovative brands point the way by defining the next generation of customer experience with rich customization, which provides more accurate, relevant and customized contact points both in-store and online.

Imagine a world in which every view ad, every email sent, every store you enter, every mobile offer you see and every website you visit has been customized just for you. This may sound like an unrealistic goal, but it is a customer experience of the future. And an increasingly strong expectation from customers.

Innovative brands point the way in defining the next generation of customer experience with rich customization, which provides more accurate, relevant and customized contact points both in-store and online. These companies integrate the fundamentals of retailing by optimizing customer interactions on mobile devices, building customer loyalty to the brand, giving voice to each customer and creating unique customer experiences, A personalized journey to increase involvement and increase sales.

Rise Of Mobile

Today’s customers expect information to be available at hand and rely on quick responses from brands. To create a homogeneous customer experience through various media (smartphone, tablet …), it is necessary to optimize the services for the mobiles by sending local SMS and “Push” messages.

In 2016 report on mobile behavior, we have seen that:

– 32 percent of consumers said they associate mobile to “easy-to-use-in-travel”.

– 41 percent of tablet owners claim to use their smartphone and tablet simultaneously at least once a day

– 91 percent of smartphone users report checking their emails at least once a day, 90 percent send text messages, 76 percent use search engines and 75 percent social networks.

As the adoption of smartphones increases at an unprecedented rate, brands that create interactive and customized experiences for applications and mobile campaigns will capture more consumer attention. And thus to occupy a prominent place in the daily life of these.

Speaking to the client

Today, marketing specialists are making a leap forward in customization to deliver personalized communications to customers based on their real-time behavior, their interests and the information they have on them. The technology that makes this highly personalized marketing possible is becoming widespread.

In the past, marketers had to categorize customers into broad categories with very broad criteria to divide their campaigns into segments of targets. Now, the explosion in the amount of information obtained during each customer interaction from a myriad of data sources has helped to make advanced personalized marketing a reality.

One way to grasp the client’s word is to go to him directly to find out what he is looking for. And thus to determine how the market can be helpful to it: consider this as predictive information, a way to anticipate the interests and needs of clients based on real-time intelligence.

Optimized Customer Experience

With the fine observation of their consumers’ practices, brands can compile customer profiles with unique identifiers. And thus adapt the content, offers, and recommendations, thus offering each interlocutor a unique journey.

Each profile is enriched during each interaction that the customer has with the brand. Optimizing the customer experience will ensure that it integrates your brand for all its needs.

Here are just some ideas to add to your customer’s journey strategy for your brand:

If a basket is not filled in, send a message: Create a re-marketing message to encourage your customer to come back to your site to purchase items he has left in the shopping cart.

Recommend products on your website: before and after a purchase, recommend identical or complementary products based on the customer’s selections when it was on the site.

Simulate a conversation with a product expert: ask a series of questions that reveal useful lessons for future marketing and immediate use in the form of personal recommendations.

Send transactional e-mails: thank customers for purchasing and attaching personalized recommendations on the product purchased. According to our recent Retail Touchpoints Optimized report, as expected, transactional e-mails are open in 70-80% of cases, and sales conversion rates can increase by up to 25% when these messages are customized.

Brands that take care of the optimization of customer interactions on mobile devices build customer loyalty by giving each customer the floor and create unique customer experiences as part of the personalized journey.

This approach to predictive intelligence and personalized customer journeys will increase involvement and sales, making these brands successful e-commerce.

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