New milestones From Mobile Bulk SMS Marketing

With still fierce competition and an increasingly assertive customer requirement, the professional SMS has to adapt constantly. The digital communication solution publishers, offer innovative SMS services that meet the real needs of customers.

In the majority of e-marketing strategies, advertisers prioritize the use of Mobile Bulk SMS Marketing. Confirm an appointment, send a promo code, validate an order, prevent risks related to bad weather, renew your subscription… The SMS offers a range of features and possibilities unmatched. As much for the everyday life of the mobile user as for the advertiser’s mobile sms marketing campaigns.

Mobile is everywhere: 92% of the French have a mobile phone (source Digital Barometer, ed.2015) and 100% of the owners keep it nearby 24/7. SMS is today the fastest, most efficient, and cost-effective communication channel to reach your customers wherever they are and whatever they do!

Simplicity And Reliability

Several reasons explain the success of the SMS: it adapts itself to the mobility of the customers, it has an excellent rate of deliverability (grazing the 98%!), It constitutes a tool of very complete reporting and finally, it is an activator of parallel channels such as the phone or e-mails.

At Ranksol – Web Design And Development Company, for example, we’ve decided to distinguish 5 major roles for Mobile Bulk SMS Marketing. In short: enrich the customer experience, communicate at the point of sale, guarantee data security, protect people, and deliver marketing messages. For its part, the mobile user appreciates the non-intrusive aspect of SMS in his daily life. In order to preserve this privileged relationship, notification SMS or marketing SMS are sent at reasonable frequencies and always at the “right time”.

According to a study by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), French mobile users received, on average, 4.7 advertising SMS per month in 2015. Even if this figure shows an increase of 24% compared to 2014, the SMS keeps a certain discretion appreciated by customers. In addition, with the advent of “customer-centricity”, which is to put the customer at the center of the overall strategy of the company, it is necessary to choose very finely events triggering receipt of a message. These are precise and targeted processes that make it possible to set up relevant marketing trigger campaigns.

To Rich SMS And One To One Videos

To always be close to customer requirements, professionals must strive to offer a technical always at the forefront. Thanks to new Responsive Twilio SMS Marketing Platforms like the one we have just put in place, it is possible to integrate URL links in the enriched SMS to redirect the recipient to a website or to images and videos. With these enriched SMS, the contents are more varied and complete.

In another vein, digital communication solution publishers offer personalized motion design videos to reinforce the interactive link with the customer. Considering that video increases the comprehension of a message by 74%, it is a very powerful means of communication. It allows, among other things, to reduce the number of incoming calls and to increase the understanding of more or less complex messages.

Not to mention that 46% of mobile users consider that video plays an important role in their purchase decision. With all its new versions and its very important deliverability rate, the SMS remains a safe bet in the landscape of e-marketing tools!

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