Nimble Messaging Demo and Update log

Azhar Iqbal December 16, 2019 0 Comments

Team Ranking Solutions is pleased to inform that one of our recent exclusive application (Nimble Messaging Application For Business) is available for customers with more exquisite and brilliant features. 

Version 1.8     – Stable And Un-Encrypted version

Version 1.9.0  – Now the application supports all Twilio associated countries with each type of phone numbers 

Version 1.2.5  – All tracking stuff has been removed from the application. Subscriber will not receive bulk SMS until he/she sends Yes keyword for double opt-in campaigns 

Version 1.2.6  – Un-subscription message added

Version 1.2.7 – Forgot password/password recovery feature is been added.

Version 1.2.9 – Autoresponder feature has been added 

                    – Pagination has been added on all instances 

                    – Password encryption has been added.

Version 1.3.4 – Caller Sender ID Feature Is Added

Version 1.3.5 – Caller Sender ID Feature Is Added For Sub-Accounts

Version 1.3.6 – Email subject customization has been added in settings for new application 

                      users email

                    – Now available with two payment gateways – Paypal And

Version 1.3.8 – Database Updated

Version 1.3.9 – Payment notification for customer and admin

                    – Also added email customization templates

Version 1.4.0 – Password encryption has been added

                   – The upgrade package is completed

                   – Now sub-account users can upgrade their package

For Demo Please Visit: 

Admin Access:

User name:

Password : password

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