Easy Route Planner & City Guide

Are you new to a city and looking for a city guide?
Are you facing problem in searching for places online while driving?
Then you are in the right place. If you are new to somewhere, this app provides complete places guidance using maps, no matter where you are. In every corner of the world, you can search out your nearest required places and you will get directions on maps. This app helps you in reaching where-ever you want to go because it gives complete directions by using google maps. If you are driving and facing problem in online searching your required places, then leave to get worried about it because this app will do this for you. What you only have to do is to speak up your required place and this app will translate your required place and direct you to the maps where you will be provided with directions by using google maps. If you are unable to decide which route is best for you then let this App decide the best route for you. What you only have to do is to enter your place name, this app will automatically find you the best route to move on by using maps. You can Mark/save your favorite place If you want to mark/save someplace after or before visiting it. This app will keep track of all your visited places if you mark/save those places. you can share your marked/favorite places with your friends and family as well.

Main feature:

-> It shows your live location
-> Save your favorite locations and your live location
-> Share your saved locations with friends and family
-> Search places through voice
-> Search best routes for required places
-> It provides a complete city guide using google maps


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