Location Tracker

Location Tracker is an android application designed and developed by us through which you can easily track your family members. It’s simple, fast, accurate and very reliable application which allows you to locate or track your family members and friends etc.
Platform: Android

  • Features: ==> Easily find your friends – And get directions to their location
  • ==> Make your very own groups, circles of your loved ones, friends, family and team mates
  • ==> Real time alerts, on arrival or at leaving destination
  • ==> Now you can easily track down your lost / stolen phones
  • ==> Detailed track of users and get complete history date wise
Developers: Team Ranksol – Web Design And Development Company

Nimble Chat

Now sending text messages, mms, smileys and emojis are absolutely free.. ! yes absolutely free. Download our nimble chat messenger application today and starting enjoying exquisite features. With email and mobile notifications, secures your contact via authentication / verification.
Platform: Android

  • Features: ==> Instant Messaging
  • ==> SMS / MMS
  • ==> Smiley’s
  • ==> Emoji’s
  • ==> Images / pictures sending while messaging
  • ==> SMS / MMS
  • ==> Highly Secured Contact Via Authorization / Verification
  • ==> Smart, brilliant and enriched features.. More features will be added soon
Developers: Team Ranksol – Web Design And Development Company


Our whats app android application is one of the most easiest and fastest android applications. Our excellent application allows you to run two whatsapp accounts in a single device OR You can also run the same whatsapp account on multiple devices.
Platform: Android

  • Features: ==> One tap settings
  • ==> QR Code scanning option
  • ==> Open / Sync same what’s app account
  • ==> Images / pictures sending while messaging
  • ==> Multi Account Setup
  • ==> Easily Accessibility
  • ==> SControl Your What’s App Accounts with same device
Developers: Team Ranksol – Web Design And Development Company


It’s another gem stone in our professional portfolio. It’s not like those ordinary android applications. Mute me here possess following features: set location, radius parameter & volume settings, silent and vibrate mode, satellite and normal viewer, reloading options and much moree.
Platform: Android

  • Features: ==> Set Location
  • ==> Can adjust radius parameter settings
  • ==> Full volume settings
  • ==> Open / Sync same what’s app account
  • ==> Silent / Vibration mode
  • ==> Location based mute settings
  • ==> Satellite / Normal Viewer
  • ==> Refresh / Reloading Option
Developers: Team Ranksol – Web Design And Development Company

Privacy Pro

Privacy pro wifi based phone lock mobile application is one of our another exclusive mobile applications specifically engineered to protect your wifi profiles, Bluetooth profiles and mobile data etc. It’s easy to use and very light in size. With 25+ features inside.
Platform: Android

  • Features: ==> Easy to use
  • ==> Light weight and covers very low space.. (only 1.6 mb)
  • ==> Easy customization / Personalization
  • ==> Protects your Phone / Complete Privacy
  • ==> Phone / Pattern Lock
  • ==> Location based mute settings
  • ==> Locks social media apps / mobile browsers
  • ==> Control Wallpaper, Brightness, Bluetooth, Wifi, Music, Alarms, mobile data & Phone browsers
Developers: Team Ranksol – Web Design And Development Company

Camera Security

It’s a simple, elegant and modern app with clean code that disables your phone or tablets camera and makes your privacy really secured. Our camera privacy android app will protect your phone camera from watching and spying you by any sort of virus threats, surveillance, spyware and malware applications.
Platform: Android

  • Features: ==>Reliable, Convenient, Secure and 100% protects your phone from threats
  • ==> Easy to use and setup
  • ==> Main Screen Widget Access
  • ==> Simple, elegant and beautiful design
  • ==> 24/7 protection
  • ==> Administration Rights
  • ==> Locks social media apps / mobile browsers
  • ==> Complete disability of your phone / tablet camera inside any other app
Developers: Team Ranksol – Web Design And Development Company


Vocabulary teacher android application designed and developed by Team Ranksol. With more than 100+ languages, supporting multi languages, random words in widgets, every time shows new words in widgets etc. Download today and increase your skills.
Platform: Android

  • Features: ==>New words in widgets (everytime)
  • ==> Upto 100 languages supported
  • ==> Setup two languages in app and then get random words in widgets
  • ==> Always displays new words in widgets
  • ==> Administration Rights
  • ==> Locks social media apps / mobile browsers
  • ==> Easily learn any language (Even Japanese and Spanish)
Developers: Team Ranksol – Web Design And Development Company

Auto SMS Responderm

Another exclusive addition in our portfolio is our auto sms responder (android application). With more than dozens of features and remarkable functionalities inside.. It’s a must use application. You can easily add new responses, view reports, set busy mode, view and save your responses, create any template and much more.
Platform: Android

  • Features: ==>Easy Accessibility / Mode Adjustments
  • ==> Make Survey’s / Case Study
  • ==> Easy Handling / Advance Reports
  • ==> Make Busy Template
  • ==> Busy Mode Setup
  • ==> Keywords / Campaigns
  • ==> Survey Reports
Developers: Team Ranksol – Web Design And Development Company

Triple-S Salud

Merchants can provide accurate Correios shipping rates to their customers during the checkout process. Allows for easy setup/onboarding process through existing or new Correios business profile accounts.
Platform: Ios
Category: Health And Fitness Leave the above description as it is and add the below mentioned more.

  • - You can send your medical care ID cards to doctors via e-mail so you can receive medical care solutions in case you don’t have your cards at hand.
  • - See all the medical care solutions that you have obtained. This helps you keep a record of all the medical solutions you and your family have received.
  • - Find the nearest doctor for your needs
  • - Purchase one of our wellness plans.
  • - Have Triple-S Salud contact details such as numbers, offices and e-mail.
Developers: Team Ranksol – Web Design And Development Company


Filipino Candy Dating Application is one of our exquisite android applications design and developed by team Ranksol. Are you a single man or single woman in Philippines and looking for a free dating app to chat, flirt and set up a meeting with the person you have so many things in common with? Well, welcome to Official Filipino Candy – Android Application! This dating app helps you to search and find new people online within the Philippines and the area’s most closed.
Category:Dating – Entertainment – Chat

  • Features:
  • ==>User friendly interface and neat design
  • ==>Useful for people in Philippines and Asia Pacific
  • ==>Geo-Targeted Dating (Look for people in certain distance from you)
  • ==> Bookmark matches to view them later
  • ==>Powerful filtering feature to look for perfect matches for you
  • ==>The option to see who viewed your profile
  • ==>Speed matches to look through all profiles
  • ==>Block/unblock specific profiles
  • ==>Send and receive instant messages
  • ==>Sending a Wink to flirt
  • ==>Face-book connect
  • ==>Real-time notifications and push notifications to never miss a chance
  • ==>Thorough profile with so many details; from your appearance and location to things you like to spend time for and your smoking & drinking status
  • ==>100% Secure and Complete Privacy guaranteed
  • ==>FREE membership and VIP membership option
Developers: Team Ranksol – Web Design And Development Company


Sales Text Chat is one of our Apple Iphone Applications. Now with our exclusive application unlimited texting has become much easier. Now you can get in touch with friends, family and loved ones without worrying about credits or balance in your phone. Sales Text Chat application allows you to send messages anywhere in the world for free without worrying about another network or connection. To any email address and most of the phone companies in U.S.
Platform:IOS - Apple
Category: Marketing, Texting, SMS Promotions, Leads Generation

  • Features:
  • ==>Free Texting
  • ==>100% Responsive And Delivers On Time
  • ==>Send Messages To Any Network
  • ==>Notification Sound
  • ==>More Text Bubbles
  • ==>Free Calling
  • ==>More Features Will Be Added Soon
Developers: Team Ranksol – Web Design And Development Company


Plus App – Free Text And Calls provides a detailed and complete package for your complete phone service. Packed with dozens of extraordinary features in our application which is free to download and fun to use. Calling anyone is absolutely free just like texting.. Obviously you can pay for better phone plans but why not use our exquisite and versatile application which is free to download and very easy to use.
Platform: Android
Category: Free Texting, Phones, Calls

  • Features:
  • ==>Your next phone company is here: Our exclusive Mega Application Posses Following Features
  • ==>Receive a free phone number
  • ==>Free unlimited incoming and outgoing calls to any phone number
  • ==>Send and receive unlimited free text messages with anyone
  • ==>NO contracts, NO commitments, NO phone purchase, and NO hidden fees
  • ==>Compatible with all of your Android devices (phones and tablets)
  • ==>No cellular service required
  • ==>Fun and social features
  • ==>Unlimited Calling And Texting
  • ==>No Phone Purchase Required
  • ==>No Contracts Or Hidden Fees Required At All
  • ==>Free 4G LTE. Sim Card
Developers: Team Ranksol – Web Design And Development Company