Salah prayer times : Allah names and meanings

Prayer is the main pillar in Islam, all the Muslims say pray 5 times in a day. In the prayer, Muslim recites Holy Quran and other different supplication and duas. Salah Prayer time app for android is an prayer time application having features of Muslim Prayer times, Muslim Prayer alarm and notification , Adhan Times Tasbeeh and 99 names of Allah. Muslim Prayer can be the best app for prayers reminder all around the world.

Prayer Time ( Salah prayer times )

• Our Muslim Prayer times app showing the 5 times prayer timing. fajr namaz timing, dhuhr prayer time, asr prayer time, maghrib time, Isha prayers. In this app, each prayer time will be show and you can see salah time of each Salah.

Muslim Prayer time app will show a user salah prayer time according to the selected location.



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