Wilderness navigation and hiking trails navigation

If you love outdoors apps for adventure seekers then your next outdoor adventure can starts right with this outdoor travel gps .
This outdoor navigator can be help full for hikers navigation, climbers navigation and outdoor wilderness navigation lovers.

Outdoor gps app is a backpacking planner application for wilderness navigation with some basic navigation skills. Lets start hiking off trail, this hiking navigation app can save hiking trips for singles on live maps.
You can save all the hunting locations on the map by put marker on a map for each location. By click on a marker of a specific location you can see the hunting information features, later you can see all the saved hunting routes totally on the live map also can put markers on map for each route. Hunting navigation can save your hunting locations, your hunting routes, and your preys locations to navigate to these hunting locations and routes. Hunter free app feature is made to enhance your hunting activities and to overcome backcountry navigation problems that hunters face.