” SMS marketing campaign is an ideal way to create more customers and also reach your customers very prompt and effortlessly. If you want ROI greater than before in a short time then you should create a sms marketing campaign and get the solution to maximize your turnover”

Key Features:

There are some key features of our SMS Marketing application to get the desired financial goals and ROI.

Unlimited keyword Campaign: You can create unlimited sms keyword campaign and will be able to handle all the keyword campaign. We offer our users to make campaigns to get the intentions of the buyers and customers to their business or products. Campaigns are of different types.

Unlimited Subscriber: You can add unlimited subscribers, our application permit you to view the list of your subscriber. You can simply add a subscriber by selecting a group, in which you want to add the subscribers.

Unlimited Groups: By using our application you can easily isolate your subscribers as per their category and create unlimited groups. It prevents your resources from going desecrate.

Web Form: Our application permits to the users to fill the sign up form from their own destination by filling simple web form. This is a simple and straight way of sign up form from their own webs.

Call/SMS Report: Our application give you the proper call/sms consuming report, so you can see your utilization and even you can access all the record of call/sms. You can just select the start date and end date to get the report of calls and sms.

Add Phone number: You can add phone number and maintain your users and send them messages as your schedule. The Add Phone section is utilized to include and supervise different SMS telephone numbers in your record.

Unlimited Auto Responder: Our application allows you to generate auto responder unlimited. It provides you a facility off setting a variety of auto responders as per the types of your groups and clients absolutely free of cost.

Scheduler: By using our sms marketing application you can send the messages to the customers and clients on regular intervals of time about their new and improved special offers.

Price: SMS marketing solution is affordable, you can get this application in $399 for one time only, and you will be the owner of this white label application

Package Plan: Owner of the application can add different packages for its clients to send sms messages as per the selected package plan. When a subscriber selects a package plan, he can change its plan any time.

Payment Integration (PayPal): You can instantly buy our sms marketing application online through Paypal.

Besides all these features, there are lots of options and settings for our clients, like, you can select auto responders, add packages, add new clients, and view & edit client info. By using our SMS Marketing application you will be able to create unlimited campaigns, keywords, subscribers and groups.

What you will get:

  • Nice and Professional Design.
  • User friendly application.
  • One Month FREE support in case of any issue.
  • Versatile Features