Sales Practices As a Part of Modern Business Promotion

In a recently published report it was found that marketing professionals from all over the world, on an average spend more than 25% of their working hours on administrative tasks like mining through industry data, preparing reports, calls, creating presentations, and looking for marketing collaterals. Compared to this only 16% of their time is spent for the purpose of prospect interaction and a mere 9% on lead and territory development. The study also found, if a business organization saves 10 minutes every week for each of their marketing representatives; from the above mentioned administrative duties, the potential gain it can have on each representative can be astonishingly high. This is precisely the factor responsible for the growth and popularity of sales enablement.

To minimize the time sales representatives spent on their administrative responsibilities and also for the purpose of optimizing their time required for making preparations there are a variety of strategies that companies and business houses can actually adopt for generating a better approach.

Here are a few of them that you can consider as profitable options.

  • Achieving high performance with allied marketing is one of the most popular models today. It can efficiently cover up a number of downsides to traditional marketing strategies. For years, long and extended sales cycles, continuous profit margins, lack of qualified opportunities along with redundant marketing strategies, and lack of communication had contributed to diminishing shareholder values. Sales enablement solution can certainly result in better communication between two participating organizations, or between two departments of the same organization to work in synchronization to attain a common business outcome.
  • Mapping marketing and business assets is another very useful strategy, and this particular domain also involves the management of marketing and digital assets. To create the right tools for maximizing the efficiency of their sales force, organizations often invest a lot of money. As salespersons are also found to spend a lot of their time preparing the deliverables many companies have started to upload their marketing assets and make them available for the sales professionals on the go.
  • Defining and documenting sales and marketing processes is a model that many companies adopt as supporting technologies and CRM or Customer Relationship Management software or automation solutions for marketing and sales are some of the most common of them.
  • Identifying the key improvement drivers also play a major role in a number of modern sales enablement solutions and by proper identification of these drivers it is now possible for the business organizations to take a more systematic approach to their sales performance and also for the purpose of accelerating productivity.
  • Sales enablement platforms also establish advanced metrics for shared performance. At times when the marketing and the sales teams are found to work on different metrics for their performance, it is highly likely that they work in cross-functional teams. With proper sales enablement techniques and platforms, this can certainly be avoided and companies can also enjoy better sales.

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