SEO Or Content Marketing What Is The Most Time Wasting For A Marketer

A competent distribution of their time between the two promotion technologies are long-term, but always topical, the dilemma facing any web marketer. So many things need to be done within the marketing strategy, but so little time to implement them.

Neil Patel (Neil Patel), the true guru of Internet marketing, gives us a chance to resolve this dilemma and set priorities. In accordance with the famous saying “Time is money,” we transform the question “What to spend time on the web marketer?” In the following form:

What methodology – SEO or content marketing – will provide the best return on investment (ROI) of your business?

Doubt should not be: both technologies are important and valuable for the marketer, but each in its own way. Moreover, if the success of a commercial project depends on the amount of incoming traffic as the basis for high-performance generation, both SEO and content marketing are critical components of such a resource.

How does content marketing affect SEO?

The Importance of Technical SEO

As the name suggests, search engine optimization (SEO) is aimed at the successful positioning of a page or page in search engines. Correct Search Engine Optimization also allows you to avoid various penalties from the search engines.

“A few years ago,” Patel reminisces with a slight nostalgia, “all you needed for success in Internet marketing was just a technically optimized web resource. A few good pages, a good structure, tightly stuffed with keyword titles (page titles) and again densely stuffed with keyword homepage and product pages – and everything, your resource is successful in terms of search engine optimization. “

But times have changed, and old tricks do not work anymore. All obstacles in this way are well known, all the pitfalls are marked on the maps, all mines are rendered harmless, and the path to perfect technical SEO is known to all comers. Now it’s relatively easy for any marketer to acquire an optimized search engine for sites. Most competent experts firmly remember all the important elements of SEO and successfully implement them.

This is the problem: now you do not get the top places in the results of the SERP, simply by conducting technical SEO. If almost every competitor uses this technique, how many advantages do you have over them? The correct answer is none.

The basic standards of search engine optimization are defined, and you must comply with them. This is the meaning of technical SEO – not attracting and increasing incoming traffic, but something like road works, highway construction. You should have a “road” along which the incoming traffic flow will move. No, at the present time, technical search engine optimization is no longer equal to traffic growth, but this is a guarantee that your web resource will adequately cope with its arrival.

Neil Patel denies the obsolete dogma: technical SEO no longer increases traffic, it simply serves as a factor in success. Proper search engine optimization – the implementation of the sitemap.xml file, the optimization of robots.txt, the reduction of letter characters in the title tag of each page to 65 – will no longer reward the marketer with high clickability (CTR) and explosive growth in conversion.

“I’m not dissuading you from perfecting internal and external SEO factors. But I turn to a more important issue. I’ve seen web resources with errors in the HTML code, broken links, unoptimized titles, and nowhere good metadata.

And I watched as these sites provoked an avalanche of traffic, quickly flew to the top of the search lists and destroyed all competitors with a fantastic increase in conversion and reference mass.

How? Why? – You ask. My answer: two words – content marketing. “

Anatomy of an ideal web page in terms of SEO

The value of content marketing

Immediately started with all responsibility: content marketing is a real source of traffic, that’s what its value is.

If all your competitors follow the standards of technical SEO, then you have to do something different to isolate yourself against the others and get the necessary flow of the target audience. And you already guessed what is at stake.

Yes, this content marketing is a proven way to get targeted visitors and an effective method of massive branding through the consistent continuous distribution of useful and attractive content.

The chance that your web resource will be overwhelmed by a giant wave of traffic if you ignore content marketing, is something 1 to 3 000 000 000 000 – so, at least, says Patel.

And then we will consider one subtle paradoxical point: almost every American marketer from a small business in B2B practice content marketing. We immediately ask ourselves: do each of them have a well-documented marketing strategy?

According to the below-mentioned figures published by the American Institute of Content Marketing (Content Marketing Institute), at the beginning of 2014, the answers to the above question were:

“Yes” – 48%;

“No” – 47%;

“Not sure” – 5%.

So, it turns out that many respondents (more than half) are engaged in content marketing with a strategic approach, perceiving it as a long-term trend, rather than a momentary fashion fad. Let us remember this encouraging fact.

Head of the strategy development department of the leading content marketing platform NewsCred Michael Brenner in his blog B2BMarketingInsider reports that 90% of American organizations (commercial and non-commercial) use content marketing, even if they do not have a documented strategy (on the pie chart it is Documented strategies).

From year to year, the costs of this promotion technology are increasing, and today more than a quarter of the marketing budget is spent on the generation and distribution of content.

At first glance, these statistics look discouraging – just like with SEO, almost every competitor uses content marketing.

However, there is a cardinal difference.

You will not be able to attract more traffic due to search engine optimization, simply because strict web standards in SEO lay a certain level of possible achievements that you can not surpass. It is impossible to have a “murderous” 301 redirect, “much better than competitors”. Of course, you can have your own redirection strategy, but 301 is 301.

The same goes for the keyword selection strategy – you define your target words, and you’re done. No, all these parameters are amenable to some gradual optimization, but mad success on the envy of competitors is impossible at the expense of one technical SEO.

But your content marketing can be better than others. Let him deal with many, but not all own it at the same level or produce content that is similar to 2 drops of water. It all depends on you – if your content is better, you win.

Why did you need content marketing “yesterday”?

“Content is a king!”, Or 17 years, as it became true

All marketers know this phrase: “Content is the king.” For the first time, it was used by Bill Gates in the same article in 1996.

It’s just amazing how prophetic his words proved for modern Internet marketing. It’s been 17 years (and for the Internet, it’s a whole epoch!), And Gates’s words do not lose their relevance for the rapidly changing world of high technologies.

Here are a few quotations from the source:

These are few:

I believe that the content on the Internet will make as much money as before – on television or broadcasting.
For most companies, there are ample opportunities to attract the target audience by providing information or entertainment.
No company is too small to act like this.
One of the most interesting features of the Internet – anyone with a computer and a modem will be able to publish all the content created by him.
The opening opportunities are so attractive that many companies are laying out in their plans the creation of content for the Internet.
If users are reconciled with the inconvenience of reading from the monitor, they should be rewarded with valuable and up-to-date information that they can receive and explore at will.
Over time, the choice of information on the Web will become huge, which will make the Internet incredibly attractive.
The one who will accept the Internet as the market of ideas, experience and content will succeed.
What was true even at the dawn of the digital marketing age is undeniably true right now – in the era of its fantastic heyday.
Content marketing is incredibly valuable.
If the content is a king, then multi-channel is the queen! – confirms new research by Google

How to allocate time between SEO and content marketing?

Content marketing and technical SEO are not competitors, but allies. So the question put in the title of the post should not sound like “Why should I spend time as a marketer?” But as follows:

How should I allocate my time?

Here is an approximate distribution scheme:

Set up technical SEO, bring it to the possible perfection.

Get used to doing everything technically right. SEO is the “road” for targeted traffic. If you need a lasting success in content marketing, start with technical (internal) search engine optimization.

Begin and maintain your marketing strategy:

Devote your time to creating “deadly powerful” content. There comes a time when with technical SEO you can do very little: all standards are met, all conditions are met. It’s time to create the greatest in the history of web marketing content.

But the content marketing you have to deal with continuously. This process should never stop. Of course, you will always have a little time to do technical SEO – optimize page titles, change a set of keywords, etc. But what to spend more time, you already understand: on content marketing. This is not even negotiable.

At the beginning of the article, we asked ourselves: what – content marketing or technical search engine optimization – has the best ROI? Here is the answer: both technologies are important. Technical SEO is preceded by content marketing, and they can provide a high return on investment only when working together.

In this post we are talking about “white” search engine optimization, without buying reference mass and other “black” approaches.

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