Street Marketing, Digital Marketing Or Guerrilla Advertising!

Street marketing, Guerrilla marketing, what are we talking about?

What are the differences?

What are its main uses?

What are the strengths of Street Marketing?

How does it differ from traditional marketing?

Street marketing and guerrilla marketing both are really different?

Definition of road or street marketing:

Street Marketing brings together all the strategies deployed by the brands to communicate with their targets on the street. The most common communication media are billboards and flyers, however, many innovations have been made in this area in recent years (Ex: car wrapping for Red-Bull, Creation of apartment witnesses in the Paris metro by IKEA …) The goal for the brand is to get closer to its consumers and get them to identify with it.

Definition of Gorilla marketing:

There are many debates that try to differentiate the Guerilla from Street Marketing. In my opinion, the difference is minimal. Compared to Street Marketing, I would say that the Guerilla is ready for anything! More aggressive, non-standard operations; The attention is therefore even greater. On the other hand, if it is too intrusive it can quickly displease and make lose a few feathers to your capital of sympathy!

The guerrilla is an unconventional way to promote a product or brand as well as Street Marketing.

The most active brands on social media and new technologies are generally the same ones that invest the streets to deploy their communication campaigns.

Stand out from the mass of advertising

Today, the number of brands combined with the many communication media available to marketing agencies and services push companies to innovate and develop their inventiveness to address the right message to the right target.

In this context, how can we make ourselves heard?

Current campaigns should stand out by:

– Their originality

– The use of new media such as social media

– Consumer involvement in the campaign

– A personalized message for each target group (Gorilla Online Marketing)

– The relevance of the message to the identified need

– The sensitization of our senses (sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing)

Examples Of Street Marketing

Discover, below, examples of successful Street Marketing campaigns:

The third dimension: Objects or people are used that are an integral part of the concept.

The use of elements already in place: Lamppost, nature, edifice … to create a new thing, to complete it or simply to use it.

Example: Amnesty International. The organizations non-profit often use Street marketing operations, and for good reason, how best to attract attention, generate reactions and reflections by a well rehearsed street marketing operation? Often inexpensive, these campaigns promote the creative side of associations.

Technology: Sensor screen using our 5 senses, 3D display panel …

Left : One Passenger hanging on cables practice what might be called “soccer volant”!Adidas is the official sponsor of the Japanese national football team.

Right : ” Greenpeace ” has used the metro walls in Shanghai to demonstrate how some non-biodegradable elements remain in nature for a long time. Note that the earth, the natural elements as well as the waste are real.

Every month we would like to present you our new favorites in Street marketing and this, in every country of the world. It will be interesting to see how the concept is applied and declined to the four corners of the planet … See you soon at McDonald’s coffee!

Note from Ranksol: Street marketing is a very effective tool when it is smart and differentiated. However, its implementation remains complicated unless it finds the idea. Therefore, like any new material, Street Marketing is used mainly by large groups with large budgets. It is a pity because if it is well mastered, Street marketing can result in a very interesting ROI. We hope that you have got the point from our excellent advice.

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