The Win-Win of SMS Marketing or Mass Texting app for business

Short Messaging System “SMS marketing” is becoming the most affordable way to connect with your customers, with over 95% of messages being read within the first minute of receiving it. Text is a great way of communicating with your existing clients and also bringing new clients or customers on board.

Short Message System marketing (Mass texting app) can be used by businesses and store owners to promote such things as sales promotions, discount vouchers, VIP invites, and much more. With new technology, we are now able to set up two way SMS or text marketing campaigns with keywords on advertising brochures, your website, business cards, or even billboards. By asking a potential customer to text a keyword such as (example) READY along with their name and postcode to a number such as 0447 80 80 80, the system then deciphers the keyword and sends a reply to the person sending the message based on the keyword you have setup.

The reply sent via the SMS platform may be a simple welcome note, a discount offer, or may also send them information on your products and services which can also include a link to your website or page with further information that you have created. Short Messaging System or Text marketing app platforms now have a large number of other options and add-ons that are user friendly and simple to use.

Below is a small list of features that you may be able to adapt to your next SMS marketing campaign:-

· Send bulk SMS via your email program
· Send Text messages via your web browser
· Send messages to international clients or customers (affordable)
· Collect a database of users to promote and send information to as it comes to hand.
· Receive messages from customers who have questions
· Send Text messages that are cheaper than on your mobile phone.

You can now get an SMS account set up instantly. This will provide you with complete access to all the features and functionality needed to do everything from sending a simple text message to a more complicated keyword campaign.

Text marketing app or mass texting app now comes complete with user manuals and user-friendly help guides so setting up your next marketing campaign will be simple and fast. Most two way SMS marketing campaigns can be set up in minutes and without the knowledge of any coding or programs, the SMS platform is an easy way of connecting with your customers. In my opinion, SMS stands for ‘sure makes sense’, so look into starting your next marketing campaign as soon as possible, and believe me you won’t look back. This is one of the best marketing and contact collecting tools in the market at the moment. Two way SMS is also another great way of collecting warm leads for your business.

Mobile marketing gives a customer an option to get a better deal from a business that they might not have otherwise gotten, and at the same time helps the business increase customer loyalty and retention.

These days everyone has a mobile phone, often more than one – either a smartphone or the not-so-smart cell phones that are still around today. People have their mobile phones with them at all times, and if they forget or lose them, they desperately figure out ways to quickly get them back. This addiction to mobile phones creates a unique possibility for win-win marketing because all of these phones can receive text messages.

As it turns out, customers do want to hear from their favorite restaurants, bars, salons, retail locations, and even non-retail places, like churches and schools. The short format messaging makes it easy for them to get this information and most people read them immediately.

In a world where rapid-fire everything grabs for our attention, mobile marketing is the perfect medium for the same reasons twitter is so successful – it’s short, easy to handle-at-a-glance kind of information. We have become adept at gobbling up and processing that kind of quick data, and customers especially like it when there is a deal from our favorite business.

SMS marketing application or mass texting app is increasing in use as more businesses discover its value to them and to their customers. A restaurant, for example, can send out messages with promotions for typically slow periods and entice customers through the doors. Lunch specials, discounts, fun announcements, alerts, special deals, and more can be instantly sent to everyone on their list.

There are affordable, easy to use SMS marketing applications plans available that allow a business to stay connected with their customers. And because customers are offered an incentive to join, the list grows every day. That list and the ability to message everyone on it becomes a huge and growing asset for the business that uses SMS Marketing.

So how well does SMS Marketing work?

There are countless examples of how effective this form of marketing can be. A recent high profile example is Seattle Sun Tan who generated $200,000 in additional sales in 30 days with its 35 locations. Seattle Sun Tan’s VP of Marketing said that text messaging helped them “build a large database of customers’ mobile phone numbers that we’ll be able to use for ongoing promotions… the initial text offer generated significant revenue for our company, far exceeding our expectations… we selected text messaging because of the high customer adoption and that it works across all wireless carriers and operating platforms.”

That’s right, these customers opted in, and they are willing participants in the business’ communication. The response data shows that over 90% of these text messages get read, immediately. How much more effective is this than sending out coupons that may or may not get seen, or an expensive radio or TV ad that may or may not be seen or heard? The good news is that there are ways to integrate SMS marketing into all of the other marketing channels such as print ads, radio ads, and especially social networking such as Facebook and Twitter.

Advertising with traditional media is dead – SMS Marketing can revive your business

Times are changing and no longer can small businesses place an ad in their local newspaper and see any kind of noticeable results. Our population is changing and with it, so is the way that we need to be marketing our businesses.

Technology has killed traditional media and has made advertising with it as good as dead. The biggest killer is, of course, the internet. The World Wide Web has led to the drastic decline of most print media such as, but not limited to; newspapers, magazines, and even the phone book. People want their information differently these days. They want their news short and up to the minute. The old forms of media cannot provide the people what they want, exactly when they want it and wherever they want it. Radio has been replaced with MP3 players and Television programs are now watched on DVRs so that people can fast forward commercials and watch their shows when they want. News is relayed primarily through Google searches, RSS feeds, Twitter and Facebook to name a few. So with the new technology comes new opportunities for your business’s marketing. The companies that will be successful in their marketing attempts are those that market with the mediums that their consumers are using.

The great news for businesses is that changing our marketing strategies from traditional media is easy, more effective, and more economical. A business should never just rely on one source to market itself but integrate many different outlets. Social media allows companies to communicate with their current and future customers with little or no financial investment. Of course, every business also needs to have a presence on the internet and a website would be the main source, but these days a lot of companies are using platforms such as Facebook or MySpace as their main presence on the web.

Every situation is different, but a company website is still preferred by most and then is supplemented by driving traffic to it through social media outlets. What all of these methods offer is recognition as well as interaction with customers that were previously unavailable using print media or television and radio.

To truly engage customers and offer instant information that is guaranteed to be read, look no further than SMS marketing. Since 95% of Americans have mobile phones and 99% of mobile phones are SMS capable, text messaging is one of, if not the most effective form of marketing that a business could use. Text messages have an open rate of around 97% and over 80% to 90% of texts are opened within 4 minutes of being received. Text message marketing is the way of the future. It is easy to use, very effective, measurable and has a very high R.O.I. Implementing an SMS marketing program is quick and affordable. Businesses will see almost instant results when they begin to utilize SMS marketing.

The limited length and design of the SMS text message are beneficial to both the advertiser and the consumer. A text is limited to 160 characters. Proper grammar is not expected and words are abbreviated in order to say as much as possible within the limits of the 160 characters. This ensures that a business will not “waste” the customer’s time because it can only be short. The business does not waste time trying to find the right words and make everything look great. Just get to the point and that is it.

A text message is instant. Businesses know that when they send out a text message alert it will be read almost instantly by over 80% of the recipients. This technology allows businesses to schedule text messages at the most opportunistic time. A restaurant sending a text alert about their lunch special at 8:00 pm would not accomplish too much, but sending the specials at 10:30 am when people are starting to get hungry and thinking about lunch will make for a very successful campaign. With text message marketing you can schedule texts to be sent at the perfect time even months in advance. There are so many ways to utilize SMS text messages for your marketing. As long as you are mindful of your audience and deliver quality content, then you build better relationships with your current and future customers.

In the coming months, I will be writing articles that will help give you ideas on how SMS marketing can work for your business or industry.

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How SMS marketing can be used to enhance your business?

How SMS marketing can be used to enhance your business?
1: SMS marketing campaigns handle a lot of things in a short period of time
2: You can easily tell the customers about the latest updates with the help of SMS marketing
3: People may ignore an email but they rarely ignore a text message
4: SMS marketing ensure fast delivery
5: People feel more connected with your business with SMS marketing

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5 things you should avoid while carrying out an SMS marketing campaign

5 things you should avoid while carrying out an SMS marketing campaign
1: Avoid sending too many messages
2: Do not lose track of the right time
3: Avoid Generic Campaigns
4: Do not miss a clear call-to-action
5: Avoid sending long texts

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Why Nimble Mobile SMS Marketing

In this modern age, people hardly spare any time to watch conventional media. They are rather more interested and inclined towards their smartphones. From the information perspective, the entire world has shrunk to mere palm of their hands through smartphones. And this massive outburst of smartphone obsession has also revolutionized the whole marketing plan and rendered new dimensions to the old school marketing style.

Being a pragmatic entrepreneur, certainly, you need to grab more customers and ultimately more revenue. There are millions and millions of businesses around the world. What guarantees their success in terms of profit? Well, this is the age of gadgets and smartphones. People have abandoned the stereotypical means of marketing and they have adopted the most modern marketing techniques i.e digital marketing, SMS marketing, etc, to make their businesses and brands more prominent. Gone are the days when all big fish companies used to invest a major chunk of their finances in marketing through television, Radio, Newspapers, Mags and billboards.

Change In Marketing Trends

The mobile phones are the fastest means of access to prospects. Various surveys suggest that a mobile phone user is highly likely to check for the notifications every half an hour at max. given this scenario, SMS Marketing is probably THE most effective tool that can be employed for swift and absolute access to the prospects. This means of marketing is probably the most promising medium that ensures the highest ROI.

Why Nimble SMS Marketing App?

Well, we have been serving the SMS Marketing industry for almost a decade now. We have pioneered and witnessed all the fluctuations and carved out such a product that is embedded with the most user-friendly UI and UX. An array of features liberates you from the fatigue of handling and ease of use is an added advantage. This carries all those anticipated features which make a perfect app for SMS marketing. This is a comprehensive solution to all your SMS marketing related affairs.

Embracing nimble application; as a core marketing strategy for your business:

With a nimble messaging application for business, you can very easily create multiple campaigns for your business.

There are multiple non-profit industries that benefited from nimble marketing: Retail, Beauty, Fashion, Food & Beverage, Business Services, marketing, promotions, corporate businesses and more

=> Startups – early stage
=> It comes with three most powerful campaigns (trivia, contest and viral campaigns) which you may enhance and use it for your own purpose later on i.e: Political campaigns & Not-for-profit campaigns

What other great benefits you can get while using Nimbler Messaging Application?

  • Higher open rates than email
  • Cost effective and very easy to buy
  • Mobile friendly (works on almost all leading
    gadgets and devices)
  • Reach a wider demographics
  • Works with many other types of marketing (sms
  • Fast Delivery
  • Strengthens customer engagement
  • Customers can easily opt-in into campaigns
  • Customers can also opt out from campaigns very
  •  Flexible
    and customizable
  • Experience the many benefits of sms marketing

From all of the above mentioned great benefits and features of this great sms marketing application, you can see for yourself just how great texting and mobile SMS marketing can be for your business. It’s not as trendy as social media, but it does get great results. SMS marketing has so many benefits and at little cost to you, there’s no reason not to give it a try.

Especially when the benefits of mobile sms marketing gives your business that extra edge it needs to stand above all of the competitors

So what are you waiting for? Order the premium script today, multiply your earnings and take your business to the next level.

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5 Reasons Mobile SMS Marketing Is Essential For Modern Marketplace

Mobile SMS Marketing has been around since the 90s. Until lately, it was considered a bit of a market device. Now that most of the companies and businesses have realized how highly effective it is, mobile SMS marketing has knowledgeable increase in reputation. The point is that the modern marketplace is evolving, and text messaging becomes one of the best ways to reach out to your potential clients & customers. When implemented properly, SMS promotion is more highly effective than any other method or technique of digital marketing outreach.

1: SMS Is Mobilized

In this present modern era, it’s not just content is king but mobile content is also king. Now a day’s traffic from phones, tablets, and electronic gadgets now surpasses that from desktop sources. While digital advertising like PPC, SEO, and web design struggles to catch up to the fast changes in how we access information, sending and receiving text messages is a response that is natural to most customers. There is no unique training or detailed description necessary, your audience knows exactly what to do with your message.

2: SMS Is Easily Readable

Just have a look at the statistics of your email list. Even with engaged visitors, you’ll be fortunate to hit a 35% open rate. While SMS Marketing, on the other hand, has an open rate of 95% within 3 minutes of delivering the message. Most of the customers have their cell phones with them at all times and receive notifications whenever a written text is provided. Plus, SMS is a somewhat unusual marketing method, so the user’s inboxes aren’t filled with marketing content. For the time being, mobile SMS marketing is one of the most effective online promotion strategies you can use.

3: SMS Marketing Is Reliable

With an email marketing campaign, you are regularly battling junk/spam filtration. Even if you have a list of engaged, double-opt-in leads, as a part of your messages are going to overlook the mailbox. You never truly know about how effective an offer or campaign is going to be, making it hard to justify investing in an email subscriber list. But SMS is extremely reliable and efficient. Customers can opt-in and opt-out immediately. This means that whenever you send out an SMS campaign, you’ll have 100% confidence that every customer on your list will definitely receive your message.

4: SMS Can Easily Be Tracked

Is SMS an untraceable route? Sure, you might not get the level of details you have with any other detailed analytics/statistics, but most of that data/information would be unrelated for SMS. You have the opportunity to monitor all of the significant analytics of your marketing strategy or SMS campaign. You may easily see, in real-time, how many messages have been delivered and how many have been read.

Read More about the Sms Marketing Application Here

You are also able to monitor customer’s engagement through reactions and conversions. Actually, it’s even possible for you to create targeted campaigns that will allow you to obtain further knowledge of your mobile database.

5: SMS IS Better Than Email & Also Very Engaging

These day’s clients and customers are more willing to interact with companies through text than through any other medium of communication. According to the Mobile Marketing Organization, customers are five times more likely to reply to a text message than an automated email. They say SMS is very convenient and easy. Replying to a message is far much better than responding to an email. In contrast to other promotional techniques such as banner ads and pop-up marketing, SMS Marketing creates beneficial emotions with customers instead of disappointment.

Nimble Messaging Business (SMS Marketing Application) is one of a kind and makes conversion far much better than any other SMS marketing application.

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Top Most Reasons To Use SMS Marketing Tool

Did you texted someone or received a marketing message today ! yes I did

So did you know that by using an sms marketing software you can easily send your marketing and promotional messages to more than a thousand customers/users at the same time?

If you are still thinking about it that if it’s not possible! you are definitely wrong.

Ranksol SMS Marketing tool makes it really easy and simple for you to create a message and send it to your subscriber’s list without even breaking your budget.

But you are still thinking why should I use SMS marketing as part of my daily marketing plan!

Here are topmost three reasons why you must use SMS marketing software/tools

The awesome aspect.

Everyone is text messaging and it is quickly taking over from telephone phone calls and e-mails as the main way to stay in contact. It also makes your business look innovative and extravagant.

The text message you send is brief and to the point.

Time is money nowadays and most of the general users and customers are discussing 50 times during their day with a person or a client who needs to know about your offer in a helpful and significant way. As SMS marketing is expanding and bringing in new and innovative ways, everyone is also very used to read and write only a small amount of characters. But don’t worry about our SMS marketing plugin you an easily send messages for up to 1600 characters.

Only pay for those clients and customers you achieve.

Our SMS Marketing tool is highly efficient and is permission-based, which means it follows a permission-based method. It indicates clients that actually want to pay attention or hear from you and are more likely to purchase from you are choosing an option and providing you with an authorization to message them. Also, you only pay for the specific message that is being sent to these customers who are really interested in your service.

Need to know more of our unique and exclusive SMS marketing plugin ! Give it a try via checking our products demo. You will be amazed to see such spectacular and brilliant features that our plugin possesses. Keep Visiting our Web development company.

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Mobile Bulk SMS Marketing For Every Business

Why Mobile SMS Marketing

As mobile sms marketers and promotors, we’re regularly considering innovative methods to reach our messages out to current and prospective customers, while guaranteeing we get great leads and results can be achieved by our approach. One of the primary realistic guidelines in marketing is to think like your viewers, to keep up-to-date with their purchasing habits and where they are looking.

Whatever your support or item is, it’s important to make sure it’s noticeable wherever your clients go, with a ratio now of four mobile phones to every single personal computer, it’s obvious where our clients are. Mobile SMS Marketing is something which you can manage to put on the to-do-list for the future; you need to make sure you’re on a cell phone, now.

Mobile SMS Marketing For Museums

SMS Marketing is becoming a well-known way for companies and businesses to easily get in touch with potential clients and customers. How can your art gallery or museum use this way of communication to easily connect with patrons?

SMS is great because it’s immediate and results in immediate communication. Actually, most of the SMS marketing messages are read out within 3 minutes of being received. You can definitely take advantage of this by advertising shortcodes on your relics and art items.  By offering a shortcode on certain items, customers can send shortcode to you in order to get more information regarding the part they are looking at. This allows you to enhance involvement and collect new information from your potential visitors.

For example, if a customer is fascinated by a particular dinosaur Skelton you can use the SMS Marketing Messages to give them information regarding the era that dinosaur lived in, where it was discovered, or by providing a web link to a website. Engaging with your customers on such a personal level not only increases involvement, but it also develops brand loyalty.

You can also use SMS messages to remind customers of future displays, unique special deals, promotions and more!

The best part is that with marketing automated system which you can set up these marketing messages to deliver instantly. That’s right; you can increase engagement with your website visitors instantly. This helps you to save time and resources while still offering a more interesting check out to your customers.

WordPress SMS Marketing plugin connects you with our audience and helps you see great results. With WordPress mobile SMS marketing plugin you can easily:

Grow Your Business

More messages sent and receive means that you will get more engagement, more leads and more business.

Reach More People

With recent reports and updates by Forbes more than 98% of messages are opened within minutes of the receipt.

Save Money

When it comes to affordable marketing, every business and marketing agency wishes to get the best return on investment at minimum cost. With our bulk sms marketing plugin you can send messages at only pennies per text, text messaging is really affordable as it is effective.

You must be thinking why I should use bulk WordPress SMS marketing plugin when there are other bulk sms sending tools out there ?

We offer this particular tool that can almost help any type of business. Learn more about how our bulk sms marketing plugin is changing the feature of many organizations and helping them in advertising their businesses.

1- Retail

Reach out to more of your potential clients and customers with discounts, promotions, in house deals, coupons, in-store events and much more. Don’t miss out on this change because WordPress SMS marketing plugin is available these days at a discounted price of only $21.

2- Fitness

Keep texting to your gym attendants and encourage them to participate in high-class SMS marketing campaigns. You can send them to redeem coupons and discount vouchers to get facilitated from the nearest outlet.

3- Schools And Universities

Engaging with students, instructors and faculty members was very terrible in the past but not anymore. With our award-winning super-exclusive software you can engage with students, teachers, instructors and will never miss any event. Check out the product demo today!

4- Non Profit Organizations

Increase your potential revenue by growing your membership base, increase donations and send information which is critical. Convey your message with a mission, with our SMS text messaging script boosting your engagement is easier than you think.

5- Faith-Based

Our SMS marketing script is widely used by many churches and religious places to remind their believers to be on time and don’t miss even a single update. Text your believers and congregants to boost up attendance at services, events and classes.

6- Food And Hospitality

Within the passage of time, many food businesses like big hotels and restaurants are adapting to this technology and offering great deals and coupons via campaigns and promos. Text food lovers, travelers and lifestyle experts with events can avail great opportunities with our wp SMS plugin.

7- Health Care

We have designed and developed our SMS marketing in such a way that it focuses on care, not managing and communications. Building a medical health care service comes with enough difficulties and challenges — maintaining up the office, managing services and applications, handling employees and costs — and problems interacting should not be one of them. It’s time for a better way to communicate with your patients, staff, and associates. With our SMS marketing plugin, interacting with your medical care community is quick, easy, and affordable.

Use SMS messages to synchronize up with staff about arranging and create tasks to avoid misunderstandings and setbacks. Keeps the faculty operating efficiently using notices about maintenance and cleaning plans, equipment problems or failures, low product or medication inventory and more. Incorporate SMS messages into medical care operations; your patients will love being able to receive updates, reminders, and notifications about their lab results, prescription replacements.

8- Municipalities

Send conservation and billing tips to the community or send training and organizational info to your employees. Your constituents are active people. They’re likely to overlook e-mail (if that e-mail even makes it pass competitive junk filters), pay little attention to conventional email, and be annoyed by irritating phone calls. But — as individuals and members of your community — they do have an interest in your message. So how can you achieve them?

How can you be confident that your communication and interaction will not only reach your citizens but get observed and valued by them? Our bulk sms marketing system is the most quick and easy method out there. And, like you, your constituents are using it to connect with each other. Texting messaging boosts an unmatched 99% open rate, with fully 90% of that information read within three minutes of receipt. Build a more successful — and complex — community by adopting the technology preferred by your citizens.

9- Lead Generation

Now you can easily build a strong business lead pipeline for you and your potential clients. We offer a complete package for sms lead generation system. In the aggressive consumer-focused world of selling and advertising, businesses depend on your promotion or ad agency’s creativeness and experience to help them out with their competitors, attract more customers and bring new leads. Your organization must illustrate reliable success and a thorough understanding of customers across sectors in order to win new offers and maintain and grow all new and old agreements. How will you do it?

While many organizations spend lots of money releasing high-tech, multi-channel strategies, they sometimes lose the vision that less can be more — and often, the perfect solution is relaxing right in the palm of your hands. WordPress sms text messaging is a simple but highly effective communication channel, attaining customer’s right where they are and consequently offering an amazing 99% open rate. And MMS (multimedia messaging) allows delivering images, video, GIFs and audio, thereby further improving texting. SMS prospecting is similarly effective.

10- Auto Auction

Not just all the businesses and sectors mentioned above our versatile product offer great deals and huge return on investment for auto auctions and deals. You can text contacts along with their details with special information about events, bidding and much more.

There are a lot of cars/auto sales out there; to make sure yours is doing well, you need to give more than just rewards…you need your marketing texts to be observed. You need to cut through the “noise” originating from competitive sales and make sure your own marketing messages stand out as compared with your competitors. E-mail — which usually goes to SPAM — and telephone phone calls — which aren’t responded to — Nor do costly TV commercials, which have become considered problems and often end up muted. You need a whole new strategy.

11- Unions And Associations

Engage with your unions and associations, boost participation and send your dues and reminders to members right away. Use our SMS marketing plugin for sending SMS for unions and associations.

Engage and mobilize with your associate which is the key to the success of your union and organization. But in today’s world of mass confusion, how do you make sure that your message is heard? Your associates are active individuals, often balancing and juggling at more than one jobs, family members, and group activities. They want to get your messages — indeed, it is crucial to their livelihoods — but they’re also being pulled in several different guidelines. E-mail is almost lost today, telephone calls are missed; you need to adapt to a communication channel that reduces through all and reaches to your associates wherever they are, whatever they are doing.

There is simply no more effective means of outreach. Use our text messaging to deliver up to date minute news on discussions, conferences, meeting reminders and much more. Use it to study your members, or even for launching and gathering votes. Our versatile plugin is full of rich features that you can’t ever resist.

12- Residential Communities

Texting your neighborhood with information, safety tips, and HOA updates was never been too easy. One of the most powerful areas is those in which citizens communicate, work together, and connect. In such surroundings, citizens watch out for each other, take part in a group chat and share activities, also take pride in their collective home.

But what is the best way to perform such interaction, and make sure it’s not missed? Email threats getting captured in SPAM filtration, frequent email is expensive, slowly, and ecologically unfavorable and doing telephone phone calls are time-consuming. Residents have a natural interest in getting information associated with their areas, but you want to deliver that message in the most effective way.

So what are you waiting for! Start using our versatile SMS marketing solution and take your business to the next level. Have a look at a product demo. Contact us today for a complete while labeled application.  

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New milestones From Mobile Bulk SMS Marketing

With still fierce competition and an increasingly assertive customer requirement, the professional SMS has to adapt constantly. The digital communication solution publishers, offer innovative SMS services that meet the real needs of customers.

In the majority of e-marketing strategies, advertisers prioritize the use of Mobile Bulk SMS Marketing. Confirm an appointment, send a promo code, validate an order, prevent risks related to bad weather, renew your subscription… The SMS offers a range of features and possibilities unmatched. As much for the everyday life of the mobile user as for the advertiser’s mobile sms marketing campaigns.

Mobile is everywhere: 92% of the French have a mobile phone (source Digital Barometer, ed.2015) and 100% of the owners keep it nearby 24/7. SMS is today the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective communication channel to reach your customers wherever they are and whatever they do!

Simplicity And Reliability

Several reasons explain the success of the SMS: it adapts itself to the mobility of the customers, it has an excellent rate of deliverability (grazing the 98%!), It constitutes a tool of very complete reporting and finally, it is an activator of parallel channels such as the phone or e-mails. 

At Ranksol – Web Design And Development Company, for example, we’ve decided to distinguish 5 major roles for Mobile Bulk SMS Marketing. In short: enrich the customer experience, communicate at the point of sale, guarantee data security, protect people, and deliver marketing messages. For its part, the mobile user appreciates the non-intrusive aspect of SMS in his daily life. In order to preserve this privileged relationship, notification SMS or marketing SMS are sent at reasonable frequencies and always at the “right time”.  

According to a study by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), French mobile users received, on average, 4.7 advertising SMS per month in 2015. Even if this figure shows an increase of 24% compared to 2014, the SMS keeps a certain discretion appreciated by customers. In addition, with the advent of “customer-centricity”, which is to put the customer at the center of the overall strategy of the company, it is necessary to choose very finely events triggering receipt of a message. These are precise and targeted processes that make it possible to set up relevant marketing trigger campaigns.

To Rich SMS And One To One Videos

To always be close to customer requirements, professionals must strive to offer a technical always at the forefront. Thanks to new Responsive Twilio SMS Marketing Platforms like the one we have just put in place, it is possible to integrate URL links in the enriched SMS to redirect the recipient to a website or to images and videos. With these enriched SMS, the contents are more varied and complete. 

In another vein, digital communication solution publishers offer personalized motion design videos to reinforce the interactive link with the customer. Considering that video increases the comprehension of a message by 74%, it is a very powerful means of communication. It allows, among other things, to reduce the number of incoming calls and to increase the understanding of more or less complex messages. 

Not to mention that 46% of mobile users consider that video plays an important role in their purchase decision. With all its new versions and its very important deliverability rate, the SMS remains a safe bet in the landscape of e-marketing tools!  

For more trending and exciting posts, Please subscribe to our official business blog and keep visiting and keep supporting Ranksol – Web Design And Development Company for more engaging and quality posts. 

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Why mobile SMS marketing is one of the best ideas ever!

Mobile phone bell Knock, knock… One newly written text just arrived, maybe it’s your friend to whom you have been discussing in math’s class. Maybe it’s your manager wanting to compliment you on your efficiency. Or maybe it’s another amazing text offer from your favorite retail store. What’s the first thing you do? Start it, though.

If you just removed the content before even studying it — well cheers to you, you’re a borderline extraterrestrial. Individually, we can’t recall the last time we did not open a written text, and we are pretty much sure you can believe the fact.
Here’s a little bit more about mobile SMS Marketing and evidence to support our strong and bold claim.

Mobile SMS Marketing is Not Spam

SMS texting follows the guidelines of permissions based marketing. It’s completely opt-in based. Simply putting, customers and clients have to provide their approval before getting SMS marketing messages. This can be done in one of three ways. New members or subscribers can dual opt-in¹ via web gadget, add their number to a certified sign-up form or send text to become a part of. The 2nd one is the most common.

After opting in, the new subscribers can get an automatic response verifying their registration. If the opt-in was by mistake, they may easily reply STOP, and all texting will be stopped immediately.

Everyone reads text messages

Alright, well almost everyone — 94 percent of all text messages is read within 2 minutes of being received. Isn’t that a comfortable figure? The latest analysis collected by best SMS marketing solutions also indicates that “almost one-third of those targeted with SMS advertising campaigns react to the correspondence; with nearly 50 percent of that group is going to make a purchase.” These studies completely talk for themselves. And yes, of course, United States residents can sign-up with the do not call registry, but this has nothing to do with the delivering and receiving of SMS.

In the article, mentioned at the beginning of this post, the writer strongly stated that “a major amount of population is already authorized and registered with the DND.” First, there is no clear research supporting up this assumption. Second, in the U.S., the Do Not Call registry protects consumers from just that — undesirable telephone calls. It’s designed to prevent telemarketers from annoying customers.

This has absolutely nothing to do with SMS marketing messages. Now, if for some reason you do find yourself getting undesirable text messages, you can file sue. But, understanding the permission-based characteristics of this marketing technique, you may never deal with this issue.

Maximum 160 characters limitation forces promoters to get to the point.

There’s a 160 characters limitation on messages. With SMS, it’s simply about providing an amazing offer. There’s no point in typing on and on with a 300-word promotional message. Subscribers are opting in to receive an exclusive offer, not to listen to about how your day is going on. Our present modern era benefits simple promotional messages with a clear and understandable call to action. The 160 characters’ restriction on SMS messages is actually perfect.

Now, just like with any other marketing technique, can SMS sometimes come off as obnoxious? Absolutely, But so can Facebook or myspace, email, pay-per-click ads, and so on. It’s not actually the route, but instead the quality of the content and actual offer.

Double opt-in feature after web sign-up stops spammers from inputting unique numbers into an online widget. If you would like to participate in an SMS Marketing list via web form, you must first put in your number into the list and hit submit. You will then get a verification written text, confirming that you did in-fact mean to participate in this list. You can then respond with Y, and become a subscriber to that list.

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Consider Integrating SMS Into Your Marketing Strategies

The recent rise in Mobile SMS Marketing is part of one of those phenomena that many people can equate to a retro fashion, but it has its explanation.

1. Never without my smartphone!

We can now hardly conceive life without a laptop, it accompanies us from waking to bedtime. Nearly 74% of French people are equipped with a smartphone (Médiamétrie), it is a great tool for brands that can interact directly, personally and quickly with their targets.  

The paradox is that brands are increasingly attracted by SMS marketing when users have almost abandoned the use for the benefit of free messaging services like WhatsApp or iMessage, and email. In June 2019, more than 80 million French have connected at least once to the mobile Internet.  In recent months, there has been an increase in   the effectiveness of marketing SMS. This trend can be explained by the fact  that the companies that use it are still few,  the contact is not “saturated” with sms messages.

2. The SMS intrigues

The opening rate of SMS is very high, around 97%. The reason is pretty obvious when you think about it.   Nobody can resist the temptation to immediately open an SMS. Unlike what happens with e-mails, the SMS is not put aside for later reading, it is rarely deleted without even being read. It is estimated that SMS are opened and read 1 to 4 minutes after receipt.

3. The new generation

SMS The SMS that we receive now has nothing to do with what we received a few years ago, because our phones have changed dramatically. With the technological advancement of smartphones, the user can connect at any time and with a simple click on the Internet. Thus, the SMS makes it possible to direct the users since a shortened URL towards a site of sale. And thanks to these URLs included in the message, it is possible to remedy one of the main handicaps of the marketing SMS to date: the inability to know the results of a campaign.

It is now possible to know how many people have clicked on the link (and thus open the message)   and calculate the sales volume generated directly by SMS.
These three factors make SMS Marketing one of the growing strategies in direct marketing. we found that in the last year, the investment has increased by 50%  for SMS marketing, with   the arrival of companies that have never used this tool before. This is the case for e-commerce, a sector that exploits the smartphone / Web connection.

His performances have placed SMS in the top  of the strategies used by the retail trade, especially in case of special promotions or linked to loyalty programs and coupons. A survey of the MMA ( Marketing Mobile Association ) revealed that 40% of respondents use the SMS to replace paper discount coupons during a checkout at the store and 42.5% to accumulate loyalty bonuses.
With Mobile SMS Marketing, the conversion is higher, but the investments are more substantial than for an email marketing campaign. 

It is true that the opening rate of Mobile SMS Message is higher, but  the sending of e-mail is free while the sending of an SMS always has a cost. That’s why we recommend establishing a multichannel strategy(email, sms, social networks, etc.). It is much easier to work with a platform that integrates all channels, as it allows you to choose the most effective and appropriate channel for each campaign and the target profile.

By following these recommendations, we obtain very good results . This is seen in the marketing study conducted by the Australian company Why Brand in 2012, on how the contact interacts with the SMS. The data is very interesting since: 45% of users who receive SMS advertising talk to their friends, 29% reply to the SMS and 47% of those who answer it make a purchase.

The SMS should still have good days in front of him!
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