The Mail Message Is Dead, Long Live The Mobile SMS!

xWhy SMS marketing getting more attention?

According to data aggregated by e Marketer, nearly three billion mobile users are now using mobile messaging on their mobile phones. And according to another study by Flurry * Analytics, messaging and mobile sms marketing now accounts for more than 33% of the time spent on a smartphone, up + 394% in 2018.

According to Médiamétrie *, 10.2 million French people communicate each day through instant messengers, including 5.5 million on mobile. And while the French still favor 71% of their traditional SMS messaging software, it represents more than 18% of trade with our Spanish neighbors, who have mostly switched to new “OTT” software such as Messenger, iMessage, Viber , Line, Allo, WeChat or WhatsApp.On estimates global SMS traffic at nearly 20 billion SMS per day but more than 40 billion the number of daily messages on these new instant messaging platforms. Far from declining, the use of text messaging is actually exploding.

Mobile SMS Marketing, A Universal Marketing Lever

If P2P is actually evolving in favor of these new email clients, Mobile SMS Marketing is still essential in mobile marketing. Its first advantage is its universal character. The SMS works equally well on a Nokia 3310, whose descendant was the star of the Mobile World Congress 2017, as on all smartphones on the market. By choosing the SMS, the advertiser does not have to worry about its deliver ability or its compatibility with this or that OS. It will affect with certainty 100% of the park installed.

Billed a few cents to the issuer, the SMS is also much less used than other text messaging and does not suffer from the phenomenon of Spam , observed in the mailboxes. According to a study conducted by Médiamétrie *, the reading rate of SMS exceeds 92% and this format has an exceptional memorization rate of more than 60%! But these rates are already much higher than those of a Mailing can be further improved if the SMS is enriched with data from the CRM tools of the advertiser.
“Following the rich SMS campaigns, for more than 3 million SMS sent in 2016, our ATOL customer had interaction rates of up to 20% and responsiveness rates of up to 82%. Atol has seen a traffic increase of over 25% and as much turnover in terms business turnover thanks to the Rich SMS “, explains Jean Philippe Gallet, co-founder of MyElefant *, publisher of a multi-media Mobile CRM solution ( SMS, Push Notification, Facebook Messenger)

Particularly effective, this marketing channel can also perfectly integrate with an omnichannel strategy and cohabit with other marketing levers such as push notifications, e-mail, social networks or even voice messages.
“We can now opt for cascading strategies, first to favor one channel and then switch to another channel in the event of a deliverability problem, and if a sign wants to contact a customer urgently (bank overdraft, suspicion of fraud, etc.). …) we can simply send the same message on all the available channels “, explains Stéphane Chatelain, InfoBip * Sales Director France, who presented his OMNI solution at the last Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

New Uses In Identification

But the intrinsic qualities of SMS also make it possible to use this tool for uses other than simple communication. At the Mobile World Congress, some Mobile Messaging specialists presented access authentication and security solutions based on this technology. “Our dual authentication solution can work by push or OTT, but 80% of the traffic remains SMS.” When it comes to security and access control, SMS is the simplest but also the most popular medium. especially in markets that are poorly equipped with smartphones, “explains Jeremy Delrue, CM Telecom France Director.
And new uses of SMS are no longer limited to authentication. Thanks to the introduction of the e-ticket on the operator’s bill by law for a Digital Republic, public transport users in the Rouen Metropolitan Area have been able to purchase their tickets since 6 February by sending a simple SMS (V1 to 93). 000). The amount of the purchase is debited directly on the invoice of their mobile operator (Bouygues Telecom, Orange, SFR) and they receive an SMS with the information allowing to authenticate the title (date of issue, validity, control code. ..).

“We have followed with interest the Law for a Digital Republic, which allows us today to deploy our mobile ticket solution in France more quickly than expected.” Already present on the Swiss market, we have seen the appetite the general public for this method of payment and the obvious benefits for local transport operators “, explains Damien Bousson, President of Atsukè *, the company behind this innovation.

New Uses In The Customer Relationship

Advertising, Authentication, Payment, SMS is also able to revolutionize the customer relationship. Popularized by Facebook for its Messenger platform, “chatbots” – these conversational agents based on artificial intelligence technologies – should soon also arrive on the native messaging software of smartphones. In partnership with Google and the GSM Association, a technology called “RCS” is currently being standardized and deployed on hundreds of millions of Android smartphones around the world.

“With the RCS technology, companies will be able to easily interact with their consumers through personalized interfaces (colors, logo) but especially interactive, and to automatically have practical information such as a map, order a property or even make an appointment. And unlike proprietary environments pushed by some instant messaging vendors, SCR is a standard technology, adopted by operators and major smartphone manufacturers, which should logically succeed SMS, “said Christophe Collier, CLX *, one of the 8 companies working with Google on this new technology.

The Mail Message Is Dead, Long Live The Mobile SMS!

Like the “king is dead, long live the king” chanted by the French under the old regime, the death of a man did not mean the end of the monarchy and the prospects of mail, and tomorrow the RCS, are simply exceptional. In France, the SMS marketing market has already exceeded 100 million euros and, despite the Cassandras, it is posting a growth of 15% each year. The end of reign is definitely not for now!
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