The Most Professional SMS Marketing Application For Business

The Best Professional SMS Marketing Application For Business

What is SMS Marketing?

The use of Short Message Service (SMS) marketing can have a dramatic effect on the growth and success of any company. SMS is used for both promotional and transactional purposes. Many SMS marketing Applications are used for sending promotional and transactional messages to customers. This may take the shape of discounts, special offers, and other incentives for repeat business. The Message might also serve as a survey request or a friendly reminder of an upcoming appointment. They might seem different, but they all have the same purpose of spreading awareness of your Business. Customers who have opted into receiving SMS from your Business will get these messages.

SMS marketing, or text message marketing, involves sending out advertisements to consumers using SMS text messages. SMS marketing, thus, is synonymous with text message marketing.

Sending text messages to consumers or prospective customers is a part of SMS marketing, a kind of mobile marketing. Customers may be prompted to initiate a purchase or take some other action after receiving a text message with a promotion, discount, or another incentive. Shortcodes of five or six digits are used for SMS marketing, and these numbers may be texted to and from. It’s a quick and cheap approach to get your message out to many people.

According to the Nielsen Report on SMS Marketing, in 2008, mobile phone users in the United States transmitted and received an average of 357 monthly text messages while making just 244 monthly voice calls. The findings demonstrate that text messaging has become Americans’ primary mode of communication.

Importance of SMS Marketing

SMS service is used by over 5 billion individuals throughout the world. While this is no guarantee of sales success, it does open up a large potential customer base.

Here are some additional arguments in favor of SMS marketing and why you should put up the effort to build the most successful SMS marketing campaigns feasible, whether you do so alone or hire an SMS marketing agency:

High open rates

The average open rate for an SMS is 98% within 15 minutes of delivery, making it a very effective form of direct marketing. Those in your target audience are likely to instantly receive your messages, making this a crucial consideration for time-sensitive communications.

Activity Involving a Customer

Customers like being made to feel like they’re part of something unique, and smart SMS marketing text may help achieve that goal. Customers’ dissatisfaction with a company’s quality of service and attention might reduce their lifetime value by as much as 45 percent.

Growth of social media

An increase in social media followers and positive feedback may be achieved via short message service marketing. You may encourage your target audience to subscribe to your page or give you feedback by crafting compelling text message (SMS) content.

Brand Exposure

Research shows that over half of recipients respond to branded SMS blasts. New businesses that want to raise consumer awareness of their brand may do so by using cutting-edge text message advertising tactics.

Brand Loyalty

Customers are more likely to interact with and remain loyal to a business after being exposed to well-thought-out Bulk SMS marketing campaigns. When communicating with customers about sales and discounts, it is important to tailor your communications to each individual. The same goes for their birthdays, when you may send them a personalized greeting.


When combined with other marketing channels, such as social media and email marketing services, more than half of SMS marketing initiatives yield a profitable ROI.

Tracking Information

This is a crucial technique if you want to develop and provide the greatest text message marketing campaigns to your valued clients. Since the only actions your SMS receivers may do are to either click on the offered links or ignore them, gauging the efficacy of your Bulk SMS marketing campaigns is a breeze. If the vast majority of your clients are ignoring your call-to-action links, you should probably reconsider your approach.

Acquiring Data

An average of 31% of those who get an SMS survey actually complete it. Due to this, it might be a useful tool in your online reputation management strategies. The opinions of your target audience may tell you a lot about how well your brand is doing.

SMS Marketing Application

For the purpose of creating and sending text messages to a predetermined set of phone numbers, a marketing automation platform or SMS tool, also known as an SMS marketing service or App, is employed.

Marketing through text messages may be used for a wide variety of purposes, from alerting customers about flash sales to sending delivery confirmations to checking on items that may have been left in an abandoned basket.

Most will also let you send automatic text messages to customers depending on their behavior, such as when they sign up for text alerts or make a product inquiry.

The Best SMS Marketing Application For Business – Nimble Messaging

Nimble SMS Marketing Application is a potent, adaptable, and user-friendly Bulk SMS marketing tool that was created by Rank Sol Team, especially for businesses, to help them increase conversions and lead generation from their prospective clients. As an added bonus, it can also be used as a complete solution for your problems with bulk SMS marketing. Both the installation and the actual usage of it are simple tasks. Additionally, this Bulk SMS marketing tool has three different payment channels to facilitate easier billing for the clients and customers (Paypal, Stripe &

Since 2005, Rank Sol has been working with customers all around the globe as designers, web developers, game developers, and app developers. The finest Application we have for SMS marketing is nimble messaging. For Bulk SMS marketing, Nimble Messaging is the most well-known and popular app on Envato Market (

Nimble Messaging has both Web and Mobile Applications for SMS Marketing. The Android Application is only functional with the Web Version called Nimble Messaging Application For Business.

Web Application

The web application has five types of Campaigns, including

Trivia Campaigns

Using a trivia marketing strategy allows you to exercise your imagination while remaining within a tried and true framework. Quizzes, contests, and other forms of user participation aren’t exactly novel, but they have a lot of potential for generating interest and participation. 

Trivia Campaign

In Nimble Messaging Trivia Campaign, 

  • In this campaign, subscribers will need to respond to a few questions.
  • After receiving the trivia keyword, a welcome message and the first question will be provided.
  • Finally, the subscriber will get the whole trivia message.

Viral Campaigns

Creating more exposure for a product or service through widespread internet dissemination of promotional materials is the goal of viral marketing. 

Viral Campaign

In Nimble Messaging Viral Campaign:

  • To acquire a winning number, subscribers must refer additional subscribers using their unique code obtained by emailing viral campaign keywords.
  • When a viral keyword is sent, a welcome message and a unique code message are delivered.
  • The subscriber will share his unique code with his friends and request that they transmit it to a designated number associated with the viral campaign.

Contest Campaigns

A contest campaign, which may include sweepstakes, draws, or other competitions, is a fantastic method to excite customers and boost participation rates. Contest campaigns make it simple to gather qualified leads and choose a winner at random with only a few clicks. 

Contest Campaign

In Contest Campaigns:

  • Subscribers compete to reach the winning number of the promotion for competitors in order to get the prize.
  • If the subscriber’s number matches the campaign’s winning number, the subscriber will get a winner SMS; otherwise, a loser SMS will be sent.

Keyword Campaigns

Keyword campaigns make it easy to connect with potential customers by sending them targeted offers and information right to their phones through mass text messaging. Because of this, the use of keyword marketing is growing in popularity.

Keyword Campaign

In keyword Campaign:

  • A keyword is used in the Message. That keyword is commonly the main service of the subscriber’s company.
  • That keyword is used in the text sent to the subscriber’s customer.

Autoresponder Campaigns

Autoresponders are messages sent immediately once a new subscriber signs up for your mailing list. Autoresponders are fairly similar to email drip campaigns if you’re familiar with them. 

Autoresponder Campaign

In Autoresponders campaign:

  • Once a subscriber has opted in, you may send them one of many pre-written text message autoresponders at certain intervals.

Mobile Application

The Mobile Application Version of Nimble Messaging includes:

  • The Cron job URL is behind the tab of Settings.
  • Two-way Real-Time Chat Feature.
  • Changing the Color of the Application’s Sidebar 
  • Different Payment gateways, e.g., Stripe, PayPal, and Authorize.Net
  • Character length of 1600 Characters
  • Looking Up The Subscribers
  • Different SMS Gateways, e.g., Nexmo, Plivo, and Twilio.
  • Seperate Tabs for the Application Settings.
  • Email Customization for New users
  • Caller Sender ID Feature

Mobile app Version of Nimble Messaging

Features of Nimble Messaging Web Application

Campaign Creation

Users can create campaigns in the system from the Campaigns Tab. These Campaigns are SMS Campaigns. After creating the campaign, the user can view, edit or delete the campaign. This tab also has the Unlimited follow-up feature.

Creating Campaign in Nimble Messaging

Bulk SMS

Nimble Messaging also has the feature to send Bulk SMS. They can create and customize the bulk SMS and then send it to their customers when they want. The latest version has the ability to choose an image in Bulk SMS.

Sending Bulk SMS in Nimble Messaging

WebForm Creation

Users can create unlimited WebForms and customize them as they want. The list of WebForms can also be viewed. Moreover, in WebForm Creation, users can embed the code of that form and use it on their sites. 

Creating Web Forms in Nimble Messaging

SMS Scheduler

Users can add Scheduled SMS by entering its date, time, number, and Message. The Scheduled SMS can be seen in a Calendar view. The SMS Scheduler has two Views:

  • Scheduler View
  • List View

SMS Scheduler in Nimble Messaging

SMS Report 

This feature of Nimble Messaging includes Viewing the Previously sent SMS and exporting the SMS list. Users can search for any messages that were previously sent. The SMS report can be viewed:

  • By Campaign
  • By Direction
  • By Status

SMS Report in Nimble Messaging

WhatsApp Integration

Whatsapp integration can be done through the Setting Tab of the Application. But for that, the Twilio account should be Enabled. After that user just need to enter the details and save/update it. The number you will enter will be used to send or receive messages via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp integration in Nimble Messaging

Last Words

When it comes to mobile marketing, SMS Marketing is by far the most common approach. More than a hundred million advertisements each month are transmitted over Short Message Service across Europe. 

The best SMS Marketing Application is Nimble Messaging by Rank Sol. This app is one of the best sellers on Envato. View it and take a live demo to see how amazing it is for your Business. 

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