The most significant retail innovations of the month

As every month, focus on the latest breakthrough innovations that change the shopping experience. This month, a major technological breakthrough could change the way we shop. Traders are also becoming more efficient in terms of delivery.

Undiz Exploits Its Vein

We talked about it last month, Undiz has found the solution to the problems of storage in its stores. After having opened outlets equipped with tubes in Paris, Toulouse and Strasbourg, the brand intends to inaugurate a 4th Undiz Machine, again in the capital, a flagrant symbol of the success of this concept. And the brand did not stop there!

In anticipation of the strong crowd for parties and sales, she equipped her store, located in the Saint-Lazare shopping center, with intelligent lockers for the Click & Collect. When his product arrives, the customer receives an SMS indicating that he is in the locker! It then only has to come to withdraw it in-store during the opening hours. Already used by Fnac, this service makes it possible to greatly fluctuate the traffic, something essential during this holiday season.

Superdry has its smart mirror in Berlin

Many have heard of it, but few people can boast of having tested a smart mirror in a fashion store. “Superdry”, the British ready-to-wear brand recently placed one of its customers at its flagship in Berlin. Once the device has integrated your dimensions, it transmits on a screen of 82 inches your reflection dressed in the clothes of your choice! It is, therefore, first of all, a tool intended for customers but it is also very useful to the retailer since it memorizes the most popular items and thus allows the brand to develop its future collections according to the tastes of his clients. The advent of increased retail starts to take shape and reality …

Amazon takes precedence over competition

The firm originally from Seattle this month burst the screen on all fronts! If we do not know the figures of Amazon in this period of festival, we imagine however that they turn heads; But the giant did not rely on the laurels since in December, two shots of brilliance punctuated its news: with its store “Amazon Go” first, opened in the city that Has seen him born, the giant hopes to revolutionize shopping.

This non-cash outlet houses a concentrate of technologies that simply allows customers to enter the store, seize products of their choice and then leave without having to worry about anything it would be. If the technique is bluffing, the investment for a store of this type must be high, given the number of technologies present “instore”. The customer experience must be unusual and surprising!

A single innovation in December, it was not possible for Amazon which, in the wake, announced to have realized, in Britain, its first delivery by drone. If this flight is more like a test in the countryside, the feat is no less commendable! Capable of transporting parcels of a few kilograms, only in clear weather and without wind at the moment, these drones should soon revolutionize the delivery, especially with regard to delays. Our sky is far from being covered, since the company will first of all have to convince the authorities to let a small fleet of aircraft fly over our heads.

Colonial Grocery Store 3.0

The Norwegian online grocery leader Norway’s Fresh Direct has given thoughtful consideration to a solution to reduce its distribution costs while having a “win 2 win” relationship with its customers. The solution found is very original: the brand has equipped itself with an autonomous delivery vehicle of large capacity. In addition, the channel will allow to geolocate the delivery in real-time but also decide its point of fall. The Norwegian government is very excited by this initiative and is considering other uses for this type of vehicle, such as the collection of glasses or other recyclable materials. Like what, an innovative idea can be the basis of many changes! Stay Tuned For More Updates At Web development company , Ranksol

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