The Win-Win of SMS Marketing or Mass Texting app for business

Short Messaging System “SMS marketing” is becoming the most affordable way to connect with your customers, with over 95% of messages being read within the first minute of receiving it. Text is a great way of communicating with your existing clients and also bringing new clients or customers on board.

Short Message System marketing (Mass texting app) can be used by businesses and store owners to promote such things as sales promotions, discount vouchers, VIP invites, and much more. With new technology, we are now able to set up two way SMS or text marketing campaigns with keywords on advertising brochures, your website, business cards, or even billboards. By asking a potential customer to text a keyword such as (example) READY along with their name and postcode to a number such as 0447 80 80 80, the system then deciphers the keyword and sends a reply to the person sending the message based on the keyword you have setup.

The reply sent via the SMS platform may be a simple welcome note, a discount offer, or may also send them information on your products and services which can also include a link to your website or page with further information that you have created. Short Messaging System or Text marketing app platforms now have a large number of other options and add-ons that are user friendly and simple to use.

Below is a small list of features that you may be able to adapt to your next SMS marketing campaign:-

Send bulk SMS via your email program
· Send Text messages via your web browser
· Send messages to international clients or customers (affordable)

· Collect a database of users to promote and send information to as it comes to hand.

· Receive messages from customers who have questions

· Send Text messages that are cheaper than on your mobile phone.

You can now get an SMS account set up instantly. This will provide you with complete access to all the features and functionality needed to do everything from sending a simple text message to a more complicated keyword campaign.

Text marketing app or mass texting app now comes complete with user manuals and user-friendly help guides so setting up your next marketing campaign will be simple and fast. Most two way SMS marketing campaigns can be set up in minutes and without the knowledge of any coding or programs, the SMS platform is an easy way of connecting with your customers. In my opinion, SMS stands for ‘sure makes sense’, so look into starting your next marketing campaign as soon as possible, and believe me you won’t look back. This is one of the best marketing and contact collecting tools in the market at the moment. Two way SMS is also another great way of collecting warm leads for your business.

Mobile marketing gives a customer an option to get a better deal from a business that they might not have otherwise gotten, and at the same time helps the business increase customer loyalty and retention.

These days everyone has a mobile phone, often more than one – either a smartphone or the not-so-smart cell phones that are still around today. People have their mobile phones with them at all times, and if they forget or lose them, they desperately figure out ways to quickly get them back. This addiction to mobile phones creates a unique possibility for win-win marketing because all of these phones can receive text messages.

As it turns out, customers do want to hear from their favorite restaurants, bars, salons, retail locations, and even non-retail places, like churches and schools. The short format messaging makes it easy for them to get this information and most people read them immediately.

In a world where rapid-fire everything grabs for our attention, mobile marketing is the perfect medium for the same reasons twitter is so successful – it’s short, easy to handle-at-a-glance kind of information. We have become adept at gobbling up and processing that kind of quick data, and customers especially like it when there is a deal from our favorite business.

SMS marketing application or mass texting app is increasing in use as more businesses discover its value to them and to their customers. A restaurant, for example, can send out messages with promotions for typically slow periods and entice customers through the doors. Lunch specials, discounts, fun announcements, alerts, special deals, and more can be instantly sent to everyone on their list.

There are affordable, easy to use SMS marketing applications plans available that allow a business to stay connected with their customers. And because customers are offered an incentive to join, the list grows every day. That list and the ability to message everyone on it becomes a huge and growing asset for the business that uses SMS Marketing.

So how well does SMS Marketing work?

There are countless examples of how effective this form of marketing can be. A recent high profile example is Seattle Sun Tan who generated $200,000 in additional sales in 30 days with its 35 locations. Seattle Sun Tan’s VP of Marketing said that text messaging helped them “build a large database of customers’ mobile phone numbers that we’ll be able to use for ongoing promotions… the initial text offer generated significant revenue for our company, far exceeding our expectations… we selected text messaging because of the high customer adoption and that it works across all wireless carriers and operating platforms.”

That’s right, these customers opted in, and they are willing participants in the business’ communication. The response data shows that over 90% of these text messages get read, immediately. How much more effective is this than sending out coupons that may or may not get seen, or an expensive radio or TV ad that may or may not be seen or heard? The good news is that there are ways to integrate SMS marketing into all of the other marketing channels such as print ads, radio ads, and especially social networking such as Facebook and Twitter.

Advertising with traditional media is dead – SMS Marketing can revive your business

Times are changing and no longer can small businesses place an ad in their local newspaper and see any kind of noticeable results. Our population is changing and with it, so is the way that we need to be marketing our businesses.

Technology has killed traditional media and has made advertising with it as good as dead. The biggest killer is, of course, the internet. The World Wide Web has led to the drastic decline of most print media such as, but not limited to; newspapers, magazines, and even the phone book. People want their information differently these days. They want their news short and up to the minute. The old forms of media cannot provide the people what they want, exactly when they want it and wherever they want it. Radio has been replaced with MP3 players and Television programs are now watched on DVRs so that people can fast forward commercials and watch their shows when they want. News is relayed primarily through Google searches, RSS feeds, Twitter and Facebook to name a few. So with the new technology comes new opportunities for your business’s marketing. The companies that will be successful in their marketing attempts are those that market with the mediums that their consumers are using.

The great news for businesses is that changing our marketing strategies from traditional media is easy, more effective, and more economical. A business should never just rely on one source to market itself but integrate many different outlets. Social media allows companies to communicate with their current and future customers with little or no financial investment. Of course, every business also needs to have a presence on the internet and a website would be the main source, but these days a lot of companies are using platforms such as Facebook or MySpace as their main presence on the web.

Every situation is different, but a company website is still preferred by most and then is supplemented by driving traffic to it through social media outlets. What all of these methods offer is recognition as well as interaction with customers that were previously unavailable using print media or television and radio.

To truly engage customers and offer instant information that is guaranteed to be read, look no further than SMS marketing. Since 95% of Americans have mobile phones and 99% of mobile phones are SMS capable, text messaging is one of, if not the most effective form of marketing that a business could use. Text messages have an open rate of around 97% and over 80% to 90% of texts are opened within 4 minutes of being received. Text message marketing is the way of the future. It is easy to use, very effective, measurable and has a very high R.O.I. Implementing an SMS marketing program is quick and affordable. Businesses will see almost instant results when they begin to utilize SMS marketing.

The limited length and design of the SMS text message are beneficial to both the advertiser and the consumer. A text is limited to 160 characters. Proper grammar is not expected and words are abbreviated in order to say as much as possible within the limits of the 160 characters. This ensures that a business will not “waste” the customer’s time because it can only be short. The business does not waste time trying to find the right words and make everything look great. Just get to the point and that is it.

A text message is instant. Businesses know that when they send out a text message alert it will be read almost instantly by over 80% of the recipients. This technology allows businesses to schedule text messages at the most opportunistic time. A restaurant sending a text alert about their lunch special at 8:00 pm would not accomplish too much, but sending the specials at 10:30 am when people are starting to get hungry and thinking about lunch will make for a very successful campaign. With text message marketing you can schedule texts to be sent at the perfect time even months in advance. There are so many ways to utilize SMS text messages for your marketing. As long as you are mindful of your audience and deliver quality content, then you build better relationships with your current and future customers.

In the coming months, I will be writing articles that will help give you ideas on how SMS marketing can work for your business or industry.

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