Twilio Api

Twilio Api

What is API?

What is the term API means? As it’s now widely used between developers and sms marketing professionals. So it’s the modern developments that allow an app to add quick functionality and execution. The main benefit of API is to less the time and effort so developer get result quickly with less effort by using someone other data and services.So now, we shall discuss famous APIs that allow developers to make custom workflow with readymade service

So now, we shall discuss famous APIs that allow developers to make custom workflow with readymade service

What is Twilio api?

Twilio is an organization that provides API to facilitate its own business of sms texting, its authentication and all calling features.
Twilio API integration and its demand are getting high so we will discuss its functionality here.

Twilio and communication API segment

How this communication integration of Twilio happened with your app? Twilio focus on real communication needs and provide real time help as per need. Developer doesn’t need to coding all A to Z but now needs some basic knowledge of how API work? Twilio integration is time and effort saving for developer and many businesses as well. For example, if a Medical unit utilizes sms service to communicate with patients, they can manage appointment schedule in contingency and normal routine as well by proper communication. If they have customized patient base, then they can send reminders of medicine timings as well. Small business can generate maintenance sms alerts to specific vendor and vice verse.

IOT and Twilio API

It’s the age of IOT (internet of things) and these IOT devices like Smartphone provides us an advance level support to our lives. Taking a ride is now very easy as you get notified when a UBER cab gets near to you or you get notified when you deposit or withdraw money from bank. Online buying through credit card gets secured by using sms OTP service as if someone try to use credit card, you get notification and you can react. Google send you notifications on your phone when your email credential are used from other unknown device.

Twilio API best examples

API and Ecommerce notification updating:

You get notified in various payment processing phases and transaction by sms and it include shipping and delivery update as well.

API and 2 factor authentication:

Now through notifications of 2 factor authentication, business and personal security of online assets get more secured. Banks accounts to website login details are much secure. Hacking of credentials and websites, now get low. This all came on reality due to Twilio API.

API and Signup process:

In app registration process like whatsapp, now you don’t need to get access the mail for confirmation link but app send sms containing code or link and that sms came to our phone via Twilio API.

Twilio API Functionality:

Twilio provides you many communication functionality API like b2b marketing, b2c chat, call or texting so we shall describe in detail all elements here.

API and voice calls:

You just need to buy a phone from twilio and start immediately calling globally with less cost and furthermore, your identity may be “unknown” to world. There are functionalities that are more than a traditional phone.

API and chat:

It adds chat function in your app and you don’t need to build your own. Twilio API support both android and ios versions.

API and messaging:

Both sms and mms, message executed via twilio number as it creates a HTTP request to server.

API and video call:

Video call can be done via Twilio API.

API and add ons

Emoticons like add-ons also available in Twilio API

API and IOT devices:

Sim cards available for networking partner devices

API and business notifications:

Its Google or Facebook, just it’s a notify API that do this job.
API and Authentication: Worry free integrate two-factor authentication into your app with the twilio Authy API.
Twilio API perform all with standardized set of protocols and tools, so app perform well with co softwares.

Some more live examples:

There is an IOT application called PayByPhone and its related to parking. It’s a parking meter app that send u notifications about time and expiry of tickets. Now person can upload payment via their phone to refill the meter.
Rideshare, LYFT and Uber apps facilitate a person to ride and its all procedures done through smartphones and twilio API. Connection between rider and driver get through notifications via cloud,not personal phones.
So there are so many uses of these Twilio API or you can say, its endless. Some Twilio API are used in these sectors.
Organizations Customer service departments
Customer and patients Appointment reminders
Marketing updates, sales pitch, and support communication
Business-to-business correspondence and conference calls
Call tracking (tracking ROI and leads via phone calls)
Appointment Scheduling
E-commerce support and sales like order shipment notifications
Access security with phone verification
Service reminder, plane or train arrival alerts, account usage alerts, and field service reminder

Working pattern of Twilio API

Step 1: buy a phone device from Twilio
Step2: choose functionality, you want to integrate like any sms, call or authentication.
Step3: Now twilio enable app to get and deliver data through Twilio API. Now Twilip API handle all matters by correspondence with http server.

Twilio API designer and developer company
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