Web Development And Cross Browser Compatibility

Does your website look great in Firefox and Opera, but a dog’s morning meal in Internet Explorer?

If so then you need to read this, web development and cross-browser compatibility is a very serious problem that should be handled by an expert web development company or individual. Web design and development companies & professionals should address this issue with their potential customers to make sure that their client’s brand and web design looks good across all the most popular web browsers.

From Internet Explorer to Safari which is recognized in the top 5 most used internet browsers (based on research taken in Jan 2020), any expert web design and development company or individual developer needs to be cautious with their web browser compatibility checking.

To stay on top of this list there are a number of free websites available that you can use which will take sample screencasts of your website shows how it will appear on those selected browsers. One of the easiest ways to find these browsers testing websites is to Search with keywords: “web development and cross-browser compatibility checking websites?” Below are the current market statistics for the top 5 most well-known browsers of Jan 2020:

Google Chrome – 50.69%

Safari – 32.07%

Mozilla Firefox – 10.03%

Microsoft Internet Explorer – 4.06%

Opera 0.74%

In the news is cross web browser compatibility which is one of the major issues that arise when designing or developing a brand new business website or custom web application. One of the best practices is to make sure your customer’s website looks the same as possible across the most well-known browsers. However, we do agree that there are lot of variations in the way some of these browsers function and various scripting and web programming ‘languages’ they use

So really a lot of these problems can be fixed during enhancing the web page itself. The simplest way to avoid problems is to work with a web design and development company that already knows the in and out of cross web browser compatibility.

How does your website perform?

So here’s the big thing if you don’t want to search at the World Wide Web with that above-mentioned query. Why not check out how your current website is looking at other browsers. If you really don’t want to install all major browsers out there on your laptop or personal computer, here are some resources which we are sharing to help you out.

IE Tester

It’s a free web-browser that allows you to easily check how your website looks like on IE6, IE7, IE8 on Windows 7, 8, 9, and 10 & XP.


It another cross-browser compatibility tester of your design with Mac OS X browsers

Browser Shots

With browser shots compatibility checker you can easily create screenshots of your web page design in a lot easier way. After submitting the URL of your website it gives you a specific URL where all of your website screen-casts will be loaded.

Browser SandBox

Browser sandbox is an exclusive application that offers a variety of browsers along with their versions.

How to Make Your Business Website or Blog Mobile Friendly

So how do you plan to proceed with making your website mobile friendly? If you are interested in creating a mobile version of your website contact us today and get a free price quote

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