Why mobile SMS marketing is one of the best ideas ever!

Mobile phone bell Knock, knock… One newly written text just arrived, maybe it’s your friend to whom you have been discussing in math’s class. Maybe it’s your manager wanting to compliment you on your efficiency. Or maybe it’s another amazing text offer from your favorite retail store. What’s the first thing you do? Start it, though.

If you just removed the content before even studying it — well cheers to you, you’re a borderline extraterrestrial. Individually, we can’t recall the last time we did not open a written text, and we are pretty much sure you can believe the fact.
Here’s a little bit more about mobile SMS Marketing and evidence to support our strong and bold claim.

Mobile SMS Marketing is Not Spam

SMS texting follows the guidelines of permissions based marketing. It’s completely opt-in based. Simply putting, customers and clients have to provide their approval before getting SMS marketing messages. This can be done in one of three ways. New members or subscribers can dual opt-in¹ via web gadget, add their number to a certified sign-up form or send text to become a part of. The 2nd one is the most common.

After opting in, the new subscribers can get an automatic response verifying their registration. If the opt-in was by mistake, they may easily reply STOP, and all texting will be stopped immediately.

Everyone reads text messages

Alright, well almost everyone — 94 percent of all text messages is read within 2 minutes of being received. Isn’t that a comfortable figure? The latest analysis collected by best SMS marketing solutions also indicates that “almost one-third of those targeted with SMS advertising campaigns react to the correspondence; with nearly 50 percent of that group is going to make a purchase.” These studies completely talk for themselves. And yes, of course, United States residents can sign-up with the do not call registry, but this has nothing to do with the delivering and receiving of SMS.

In the article, mentioned at the beginning of this post, the writer strongly stated that “a major amount of population is already authorized and registered with the DND.” First, there is no clear research supporting up this assumption. Second, in the U.S., the Do Not Call registry protects consumers from just that — undesirable telephone calls. It’s designed to prevent telemarketers from annoying customers.

This has absolutely nothing to do with SMS marketing messages. Now, if for some reason you do find yourself getting undesirable text messages, you can file sue. But, understanding the permission-based characteristics of this marketing technique, you may never deal with this issue.

Maximum 160 characters limitation forces promoters to get to the point.

There’s a 160 characters limitation on messages. With SMS, it’s simply about providing an amazing offer. There’s no point in typing on and on with a 300-word promotional message. Subscribers are opting in to receive an exclusive offer, not to listen to about how your day is going on. Our present modern era benefits simple promotional messages with a clear and understandable call to action. The 160 characters’ restriction on SMS messages is actually perfect.

Now, just like with any other marketing technique, can SMS sometimes come off as obnoxious? Absolutely, But so can Facebook or myspace, email, pay-per-click ads, and so on. It’s not actually the route, but instead the quality of the content and actual offer.

Double opt-in feature after web sign-up stops spammers from inputting unique numbers into an online widget. If you would like to participate in an SMS Marketing list via web form, you must first put in your number into the list and hit submit. You will then get a verification written text, confirming that you did in-fact mean to participate in this list. You can then respond with Y, and become a subscriber to that list.

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