Why Mobile SMS Marketing

In this post, we’ll talk about the growing popularity of SMS marketing, which is a modern, cheap and operational tool for interacting with your leads, customers or subscribed databases. If you know how to handle this tool, you get new effective ways to increase sales and increase loyalty to the target audience.

The recent integration of LPgenerator with the federal SMS-operator SMSintel.ru makes easy and automated routine collection of the telephone base for further work with it.

How did it work?

Data collection takes place through the lead form on your working site, wherein one of the mandatory fields, visitors leave the phone. After that, the mobile phone number is automatically transferred to SMSintel.ru, which is stored in your phone book, in the group you previously selected, for example, “Visitors to the Landing.”

What can you do with the collected database?

First of all, you can configure automatic greeting to new subscribers. After a while after adding a number to the group, he will receive an SMS message with any text that you configure.

For example, the subscriber has left his number on the page of the travel agency’s lending and is waiting for a call from the manager, who will help him to take a tour. A few minutes later he receives a message “Thank you for contacting us! The manager will call you back within 30 minutes. ” Such a trifle allows a person to think that they care about him and call him back on time, and the number will not sink into oblivion, as sometimes happens on numerous Internet sites.

Suppose that a person has refused to purchase and has not yet become your client. However, you have his number, and you can notify the subscriber about various special offers.
Perhaps the new conditions will attract him, and he will complete his conversion path. It does not matter if it’s a discount, or an action from the “Bring Your Friend” series, if it’s interesting, it’s yours! And SMS is the shortest way to the client, right into his smartphone!

Among other things, there are pleasant things that you can do for the client, say, congratulate him on his birthday, a New Year or a professional holiday of your industry!
People will remember you and your service, and what is now a modern business, if not a battle for recognition? Although not every industry requires this, in the majority of consumer goods and services that you sell, it is remembering and recognizing the brand that plays an enormous role.

Effective management of the telephone database allows you to sort it by significant parameters and summarize the statistics. The benefit of managing the telephone base is the ability to more accurately target your subscribers. For example, by region or gender. All information that will be imported from the personal cabinet of LP generator, can be taken into account by you when making managerial decisions.

SMS marketing is much like email marketing, it can be an effective tool for generating leads and sales or simply wasting time. Messages can include links to mobile landing pages for sub segmentation of the database and the receipt of new applications.

Basic Rules Of SMS-Marketing

These are,

Send information that will be useful to the target audience. Recipients should mark your sms tick in their minds – “Do not forget to go to N, there is a cool action!” Nobody likes meaningless spam. If any change in your service does not benefit consumers, do not bother them with such trifles.
Send thoughtful sms. It will be a mistake to consider that the “Product-Price-Come” scheme is the most effective one that can be invented in SMS marketing. Think about what you are interested in customers, and send them this. The key word is “think out”.
Use a language that is understandable to your audience. Sending a message full of slang, to older people, you run the risk of being misunderstood and ignored. It’s better to target the target audience and make all the different newsletters.
Brevity and concreteness – your everything! Let’s clear the information in sms, so that the person understands everything from the first time. It is desirable, as briefly as possible – without ornate turns and complex sentences. It’s still not a blog.
Never – never! – do not ignore the sending time of sms. You can immediately delete a client from all lists if the message came at night when he was sleeping. In addition to irritation, such messages will not cause anything. Track the time when you receive sms when sending messages and keep in mind that the daily sms traffic can be very long and your message will arrive with a delay.

The real story of SMS marketing success

Local network of children’s goods stores “***” used SMS-mailing. However, I used the standardized “Product-Price-Come” scheme…

In order to improve efficiency, managers have studied many marketing sources, after which it came to understand how to build a mailing list.

The model of four touches was used. The technology of SMS-marketing included three elements:

Offer, or off;

Deadline (by time and / or quantity);

Call to action.

It was decided to prepare a special action for testing the concept. All aspects of the action were registered and thoroughly disassembled, all personnel was warned and trained. The action was scheduled for Saturday.


On the client base of the numbers, an announcement of the action was sent with the following text:

“1000 products at a wholesale price. Only in SB-VS, hurry! “

Announced the action in advance, based on the fact that recipients usually plan in advance for leisure on the weekend, so you need to get to their daily schedule as soon as possible.


The second message is already with a reminder about the action:

“Do not forget, tomorrow and only for you – 1000 goods at a wholesale price! Hurry up! “

This message was sent to remind those who already forgot about it to convince buyers of the seriousness of their intentions. The call to action “Hurry!” Creates a sense of urgency and short-term action, stimulates them to make decisions faster and act.


The start of the action brought stunning results – as early as 11:00, the managers’ phones were torn from calls. It turns out that sellers are not able to cope with queues of 30-40 people! Some customers did not wait their turn and left, so they did not buy anything.

The action paid for itself, the buyers were satisfied (except for those who did not wait).

Against this background, it was decided to send another SMS:

“Thank you for coming today ! 347 out of 1000 goods are still waiting for you, come! “


The creation of a sense of deficiency has played, and people who left without purchases on the eve of the day returned and purchased goods. The queues were just as big!

It was decided to extend such a successful action – for those who did not manage to come on the weekend. In the evening on Sunday, the fourth and last SMS was sent out in this cycle.

“Thank you for coming! For those who did not have time, according to numerous requests, we extend the auction until Tuesday. Hurry up! “

On Monday and Tuesday, the wave has already subsided, however, the campaign was successful anyway. After that, the action was repeated every 3-4 months, so as not to accustom the subscription base to sales.

Instead Of Concluding

SMS messages should be thought through to the smallest detail. It is necessary to monitor the reaction of subscribers and correct the situation if some conditions change – for example if the response to the share was higher than expected.

According to statistics, the percentage of reading SMS is close to 95%, which is a very good indicator of efficiency. So, dear friends, using the tool of mobile sms marketing is another effective channel of interaction with your customers.

Think about how applicable it is in your business?

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