Why SMS Marketing For The Travel And Tourism Industry?

Why SMS Marketing for the travel and tourism industry? Detailed guide

As SMS marketing and communication services give an efficient approach to clients and customers and it provides international travel and tourism concerning people to send carefully relevant information with their most targeted segment.

Why mobile SMS marketing?

SMS Marketing keeps continuously updating all of your prospects and customers with notifying SMS and travel-related up to date nonstop. Its benefits are unmatched and great as 95% plus open rate made mobile SMS marketing up from all other forms of media for easy, cost-efficient and effective.

Its very straight and simple bulk SMS marketing messages can be managed and sent to many travel recipients with our bulk SMS messaging service and it sends complete information on flight delays or most required information to be easily sent to those who you want to share. If your objective is to build brand loyalty and customer goodwill then its the right strategy in the travel segment.

Contact database filtration makes SMS Marketing business an absolute edge for travel and tourism concerns to deliver alerts, offers to specific prospects and target specific demographics so it ensues that all prospects and customers will only get relevant data and updates that are most concerning and up to date to them!

WordPress Bulk SMS Marketing Plugin advanced functions make it possible that messages word size may have more than 160 characters – We have just extended up the limit to up to 1600 and we have a range of solutions for other areas of your business too.

What else you will be getting from WordPress SMS Marketing Plugin?

Travel current updates

1- Delay Flights function!

2- Transportation vehicle out of order

3- Traffic jam Unexpectedly

Now affected customers need to deliver updates so use SMS to update them.

Specific info Updates

You just need to educate them, how to opt into the current campaigns and get all real data on the current issues of your services.

Customers Support And online Mobile Tickets

1- Now you can make bookings for much convenience for your customers and they will feel secure, and for an organization perspective, its traceable and their responses can be tracked via tickets.

Coupons and Vouchers

1- Encourage your clients and customers to purchase in a quiet mode and in a very convenient way. Encourage purchasers in a quiet way with high customization of mobile vouchers and coupon codes. Send mobile vouchers and coupons in text and redeem through our SMS marketing plugin platform. It’s an all-in-a platform to keep you updated with all the progress. Use WordPress SMS Marketing Plugin as a POS for your online business

3- Include a short code and keyword into your advertising and marketing messages to provide potential customers with a quick way to opt-in and to register into their interests (easily) and as quickly as possible

Streamline your marketing messages & communications

1- WordPress SMS marketing plugin makes your customer communication process run even smoother with 3 SMS gateway API’s integration. You can simply just do the configuration by having a look at our products documentation

Bookings Confirmations

Customers will get Instantly send automated confirmations so your clients and customers get peace of mind instantly.

Our Prestigious Clients Using Sms Marketing Solutions

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