Why The Competition Between SMS and EMAIL Marketing?

The world we are living in is growing at a rapid pace. So much technology has been invented that it is hard to keep the track of it. The things which were only considered imaginary in the past have been given the shape of reality by science. In a world full of technology, we often forget the magic that a text message is capable of doing. With so many ways of communication, SMS marketing may be considered as something old fashioned. But in reality, it is a very important marketing tool.

Reasons to use mass texts in SMS marketing instead of email marketing

Almost everybody owns a cellphone these days. More than anything else, mobile is the basic tool that people use for communication. When you send a text message to somebody, he instantly gets it. This is the benefit of SMS marketing that the most advanced marketing campaigns use mobile phones for marketing purposes.

1: Most used messaging platform

One of the best things about an SMS is that it is the most commonly used messaging tool. People may use Instagram, snap chat, Facebook and what not but they are not always online on these social sites. SMS is something that they have access to every time of the day. It works like boomers. If you want to notify your customers about your brand or organization, you can use the mass text option and with the help of SMS marketing, you can get your work done within no time.

2: No spam filter

When it comes to email marketing or using email to send a message, the receiver may not even get it. Every email account possesses an option of a spam filter. So sometimes, people do not get the text and it goes straight to the spam folder. When it comes to SMS, there is no such option. With the help of the text through SMS marketing, you will be sure that your text has reached the required person. More than 80% of the people open their messages the moment they get them unlike emails, which are opened by even less than 20% of people.

3: A favor to your customers

It is a fast-moving world. Everybody is in a hurry. People usually like things that are simple and take less time to be done. That is why, in order to do them a favor, you should use the SMS marketing service. It is because of the fact that it is a straightforward way of telling them about your offers and sending them coupons. If you stick to emails, they may not even open it and won’t be able to know about the offer. But with texts, this is not the case. They’ll have to open it because they will instantly get the notification. It is a direct way to reach your customers.

4: SMS marketing tools, easy to use

The best thing about SMS marketing is that the applications or software that are available for this purpose comes quite in handy. They are easy to operate and takes less of your time. Within some seconds you can manage to send bulk texts to God knows how many people. In most of these SMS marketing tools, the only steps that you have to follow are typing of the texts and send them to your organized list of contacts. Good SMS marketing apps usually possess the option to schedule your messages. All you have to do is schedule them and then leave the rest to your SMS marketing tool.

5: Deliver-ability

The list that is usually made in SMS marketing is engaging customers. When it comes to email marketing, this contact list is way much longer. Due to this problem, most of their emails instead of going to the inbox, reach the spam folder. SMS marketing aces email marketing when it comes to the deliverability of a message. People won’t scroll through so many applications only to read your email but they will definitely pay attention to the SMS because it will not waste their time.

6: Straight to the point

The best thing about SMS texts is that it is straight to the point. There is a limit of 160 characters in the SMS marketing apps. This makes the organizations to be straight in their approach and only send the important and much-needed information to their customers. They cannot blabber and talk about unwanted stuff. Due to their short lengths, SMS get attention.

Also, the links that are sent through SMS to them, of vouchers, tickets or other attachments are responded by the people at a fast rate. When it comes to email, it becomes hard for the organizations to decide how much to type because of so much word limit and the barrier of the spam folder may become a reason of their brand’s demise.

7: Deals and coupons

If you want a good response from the people when it comes to the deals and coupons that you provide them then SMS marketing is the safe side. You can send them links to the required offers and deals and they will respond to them within no time. People are always looking for sales or deals with high-class brands.

As soon as you let them know through your bulk texts, they will respond and within no time, your business will be enhanced. This cannot be done in an effective manner through email marketing because it is hard for people to take out some time, open their devices, reach their email ID and respond to your offers.


Although both of these ways of marketing have their pros and cons so there are a large number of instances when SMS marketing is the best option. From deals and coupons to the straight to the point content, from keeping the customers in loop to personal alerts, from instant access to saving your customer’s precious time, SMS marketing wins the battle and you should definitely consider it.

Now Why Effective SMS marketing techniques to adopt?

Although the world has progressed a lot when it comes to technological development still the importance and need of SMS for conveying messages is not reduced. Even today, the most effective means of communication is through SMS service. People are attached to their mobile phones as if it is the part of their body or soul and within it, SMS is the most significant way of communicating.

Most of the organizations or brands use SMS marketing in order to enhance their positions in society. In order to stay connected to their customers, SMS marketing plays the role of an essential mean. There are some SMS marketing techniques that may help you in taking your brand or organization to a whole new level.

1: Personalize Your Message

In order to make your business flourish with the help of SMS marketing, you need to act smart. Everybody can send bulk texts with the help of SMS marketing tools, but not everybody is aware of how to send something that will actually make the receiver read it and consider the offer. Human beings crave acknowledgment and feel good when they are given importance in any context.

You need to make your customer feel as if he is not some random person that you are using to enhance your business but someone who actually means to you. To do that, you should include the name of your customers in the text messages. Also, you should move one step forward and segment your customer’s list. In this manner, only those customers receive relevant texts. You can send promos to the customers who purchased from a certain group of products. This will help you create a strong bond between you and your customers.

2: The clear value

One thing that you need to take care of during your SMS marketing campaigns is that you have to convince your customers about the value of your products. You can do it by creating unique offers and coupons for the customers included in your SMS marketing list. You can switch up your offers by including variety and by avoiding boredom.

3: Enter your location

This world is full of flaws and it is difficult to trust one another. There are so many frauds in it that people tend to move away from anything that appears suspicious to them. They look for legitimacy. You can provide this assurance to them by including your location in the mass text that you send. The location of your store or company will ensure that the deal that you’ve offered them is not a lie and they will surely consider your offers.

4: Make your offer a priority

When it comes to SMS marketing, only SMS marketing tools are not enough. They may help but they are not everything. Smart work is the key to success here. Only 160 characters are available in the SMS marketing apps to get your customer’s attention. In order to do that, the first thing that you should consider in that small text is the offer that you are making. You should lead with the offer.

More than 80% of the people open the texts within 3 minutes of receiving them. When you’ll mention your offer at the beginning of your text, they’ll be able to read it even before opening the text, hence making your SMS marketing campaign more effective.

5: Incorporate urgency

If you plan on attracting the customers towards your brand or organization, you need to make them feel like their laziness will end up losing the offer. In other words, you need to make messages urgent. You need to create a sense of scarcity in your SMS marketing campaigns. In this way, they will be scared of losing the offer and will run to your store as soon as possible. You can create this sense of urgency be mentioning that it is the limited-time offer or something similar to it. This will help in the inclination of the customers towards your brand within no time and your SMS marketing campaign will be successful.

6: Call to Action

People always need someone or something to motivate them to take action. When you are planning on sending a bulk text to your customers, you should keep in mind that it is not supposed to be only for the sake of sending a text. Instead, it should be able to convince your customers and persuade them to head out to your brand or store right away.

To do this, you need to include a strong call of action. You can ask them to take advantage of the mentioned deal right away and to make it more effective, you can use urgent and directive language. Also, you need to keep CTA short. This technique will definitely help you with your SMS marketing campaign.

7: Conversational manner

People use SMS to talk to one another on a regular basis. They are used to using informal language instead of a formal one. If you plan on notifying your customer about a certain event or offer, you will have to keep the text conversational. People usually drift away from texts that use formal languages as in this fast-moving world, they haven’t got much time to comprehend difficult sentences.

Also, dry texts are something that people are not interested in. Your SMS marketing campaign will be effective if you stoop to their level of speaking and embrace a conversational playful tone with them.


SMS marketing is not as easy as it seems to be. It does not just require SMS marketing tools or SMS marketing apps to communicate with your customers but it also requires your creative ability. With only 160 characters, you have to be quite careful in deciding what exactly is your priority in that text. Before sending a bulk text, you need to keep the above-mentioned things in mind and it will result in an amazing marketing campaign that will help your business prosper in the whole world.

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